So I was watching the news tonight & I saw that they were going to show a corgi on tv. I got so so excited that I waited until the commercial was over to see what it was about. This is what I saw:

Absolutely horrible. I cannot believe someone could actually do this to an innocent animal. ): I'm sorry if this ruined anyone's night, by the way. I know sometimes these things can be emotional. ):

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Horrible acts indeed and it's very unfortunate that the corgis got caught up in this. It does make me wonder about the relationship and communications between the owner and her neighbors. Corgis can be very barky, did the owner tried her best to be a good neighbor and get the barking under control? Until the neighbor have been proven guilty, I would remain neutral and wait for all the evidence to come in before pointing fingers :)
How terrible. I would never be able to bring myself to leave Dax outside alone. I'm afraid I'd kill someone if they ever did something like this to him. :(
We will be praying for Bear. Thank goodness here in Albuquerque, believe the whole state, we can only get the antifreeze that has a bittering agent in it, animals aren't as compelled to drink it. Even so we still treat it as if it were as bad as the other that was suppose to have a sweet odor and taste. I feel anyone that will do anything like this to an animal would also hurt childern and older people who can not defend themselves either.
What I really want to say, I can't. But there's absolutely NO single excuse to justify doing something like this to an animal.
Some people are so sick. My prayers are with bear.
I hope they find the person responsible. This happens more often than we ever hear about. My mother's dog was poisoned when she was a girl.
Wow--this situation is such a tragedy. It's scary to think that someone would try to poison your dog.

This incident would make me even more scared to keep a dog outside by itself for any length of time, because you never know what might happen--someone might try to steal your dog, your pup might get disoriented by a loud noise and run away in a panic, etc.
I have been on the other side of this situation, with a barking neighbor's dog that destroyed my enjoyment of my back yard and made me want to MOVE. You have to remember that people can be very sensitive to chronic barking, and it is our responsibility as dog owners to respond to that. Noise is very stressful. Sick people can become violent when frustrated.
A pal's neighbor once poisoned one of his trees!
It is very helpful just to listen to complaints, talk to neighbors, put a human face on the conflict. Our neighborhood has complained about local industrial noise, and the mere fact that the perpetrators were willing to listen to us made us feel better. Of course, the fact that they actually took action meant a lot more.

I'm not excusing violence, but remember: a lot of human beings are crazy.


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