I need some suggestions on games, learning, just FUN stuff to do with my puppy.  Billy is 3 months old and due to his low immune system can not yet get his vaccines.  I feel bad for the little guy, we can't (attempt) to go on walks or go to the park etc. and I feel like he is bored at times.  I play catch with him and sit on the gound with him often but I was curious if anybody had any ideas that might spice up my poor lil bubble boy's day?

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I found a fun book with lots of games - cure for the useless dog syndrome. If you have enough room inside or in your yard there is chase with the lazer light. Ein is obsessed with it!

Billy LOVES the lazer BUT, I was informed that may cause them to chase taillights on cars :( So no more lazer for him.

once he's old enough..maybe dental chews? it's not "FUN" but it will keep them entertained, gives them something to chew on eat & it tires them out. Or you can try doggy puzzles where u hide food in them and they have to figure out how to get it.

I am just now getting around to reading this thread and it looks like all of them are good ideas for all puppies. Thanks to everyone for the ideas, I am going to try them as well.

Bubbles!    Got the idea when we were down at the beach one day and someone had a bubble machine for their kids.  Chewey spent the entire time chasing their bubbles... Fortunately the family thought it was pretty funny.   I bought a small thing of doggie bubbles (non-toxic) online recently just to see if it was a fluke, but no - he loves chasing them...  So something else to try.

That bubbles idea is a great one for both me and Dino. Does he blow the bubbles or do I ¿

Ooooh that sounds fun!!  I am also going to get him a baby pool, he LOVES the water.  I can NOT WAIT until he can finally get his shots so we can go to the beach!


Get the book 101 dog tricks.  He'll love being able to learn new things, and make you happy.  :-)

I also love the Kong wobbler--they love trying to get the food out.  


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