We have a 1 year old female corgi and are seriously considering adding a kitten to our household.  Can anyone offer any advice?  I have never owned a cat before.  Foxy has been nose to nose with the neighbors cat and I think she just wants to play with her.  I really don't believe she would hurt it.  I think they would be playmates for each other in time.

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Good point Marcia! They are dangerous!

Corgi/Cat Love

This is Max & Bubba...Bubba adored all our dogs.  In fact we knew our first corgi was meant to be ours.  Not only were both cat & dog red/white but they both had a white splotch on theit butts.  I actually had to look for a tail to see who was who.  Both Arnie and Bubba have crossed the Bridge.


This Katie and Bubba


This is Max and Spider...Spider was our resident black cat when Max came to live with us.


This Max and Oliver..our current black cat.  Spider had crossed the Bridge.  Oliver was a stray who walked in the door unafraid of other cats or dogs.  Bubba did the same thing many many years ago.

Thank you for all the great suggestions.  Like I said we haven't made up our mind and at this time we aren't jumping into anything, since this is a long commitment.  We want to be sure it's right for our family.  I loved all the pictures of your dogs and cats.  We want to get a Scottish Fold kitten.  I've never wanted a cat until I saw a picture of one and found out what a great personality they have.  My other issue is that with so many kittens/cats in shelters I kind of have an issue buying a cat from a breeder when so many need homes.  So at this point in time we are just doing our research and all of your suggestions have helped.

Becky....rescue vs breeder...just as you chose to get a corgi because the personality and looks of the corgi is what you wanted so it should be the same for a cat.   Granted all my cats have either come from shelters or walked in the door but my husband really wants a Maine Coon and I think the next time we choose to add another cat to our family I am going to make sure we get a Maine Coon.  Don't drive yourself nuts feeling that you must adopt from a shelter, don't apologize because you want a certain breed because of their personality or looks.  It's what you want and don't let anyone try to make you feel guilty....not even yourself.

Linda thank you so much for your kind words.  I guess I never looked at it from that point of view.  We did get our corgi from a breeder and there are an equal amount of homeless dogs. 

Becky, i agree with Linda! Get the kitten you want. I used to always have Siamese and still love them. My last two are not because they are rescues but I firmly believe that a very wanted pet is another way to limit the over crowding at shelters. Don't feel guilty about getting the one you want. Just make sure you are ready to make the commitment. If everyone made responsible decisions the shelters would be empty!

Thank you Bev.

I have two cats as well as my two corgis. They learn to get along especially if you get the kitten at a young age and it grows up with the pup. I rescued a kitten that was very sick and my female corgi immediately and insinctually took over and to this day still thinks that the kitten is her baby and the kitten looks to her for comfort. They do have their space but they love each other all the same. My other cat just stays out of the way and my pups know to leave him alone. My parents also have a cat that acts like a dog and he starts all the interactions with the pups. He even goes so far as to wrestle with them. I believe it all comes down to personality and temperment but in time they will learn to live together. :)

I just spent the holiday weekend with my daughter's four cats who range from a quiet older female cat to an easy-going but active male to VERY active new kitten, and one totally bat-shit crazy male, all of whom Sully ignored unless the kitten or the crazy one hissed at her when she promptly screamed like she was being dismembered. The hardest thing was keeping her away from their food and that oh so delectable cat feces (also food apparently) as others have mentioned. I think cats are really good at protecting themselves and they all seem to get along eventually in the same home. I have heard stories of dogs who require serious outside help to get along in the same house while cats and dogs adapt on their own but I could never get used to worrying about cat poop snacks. YUCK!

Holly..fortunately we have a basement with a door leading to it from our kitchen.  With 3 cats..we have 3 litter boxes and the dogs would just love those tootsie rolls.  Hubby cut a trap door into the door leading to the basement...the rat hole we call it.  The cats can easily go thru it to access their food dishes on the landing and the litter boxes in the basement.  The rat hole is always left open but hubby put a hinge at the top so if we needed to confine the cats for any length of time we can drop it down and latch it.

When we had the new furnace put in this summer we had to move litter boxes and food dishes upstairs.  We put them in our guest room and you should have seen us trying to figure a way the cats could get in and out of that room but keep the dogs out.  Trust me, corgis are smarter than humans.

Oh yeah! I have seen what you are describing. My other daughter has one of those in her basement door that works great! As you noted, Sully, being corgi, would probably find a way to set off the smoke alarms so we would have to open the door all the way as an emergency exit.


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