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My husband and I are looking to adopt or buy an adult corgi (male or female). I have had a very difficult time searching. We would be overjoyed to bring a healthy happy corgi into our family. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of any available dogs, I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know. We're in Washington, DC but would travel quite a bit to bring one home. Thank you!

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You didn't say how far you're willing to travel, but here is one:

Pembroke Corgi

The Corgi Connection Of Kansas has a number of wonderful dogs up for adoption.  I really love what they do.  I know it is far from from you but you would be amazed at the mountains they move to get their dogs into good home.  Good luck!

I have frequently seen adult Corgis on petfinder.com, may at least be worth a look!  Good luck!

Hi Laura, here's 2 in FL, owner passed away, just listed one hour ago. 

There was also a very cute Pembroke corgi (7 mos) near Boise Idaho posted on the daily corgi yesterday under the Wednesday adoptables...


A pemmie with a tail!

You could try contacting local breeders

Pembroke - http://www.pembrokecorgi.org/memberlist.cfm

Cardigan - http://www.cardigancorgis.com/BreederDirectory.asp

and asking if anyone has a retired show dog needing a forever home.  A lot of the breeders I know often have older dogs that need a home, or if they don't have one, they know of another breeder who does.  Good luck in your search!

Hi Laura...
We just lost my precious corgi girl 3 weeks ago.
So we are looking too..It is hard..
Let me share with you what we are researching ...a lot of Rescue people..
Pets Second Chance Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue, Chesterfield MO
Fairy Tails Corgi Rescue of St Louis, MO
Howelling Kennels Corgi Rescue, Springfield,OH
Tri State Corgi Rescue,Bridgport, WV
Corgi Connection of Kansas,Milford KS
Tri State All Breed Rescue, Hagerstown, MD
Crdigon Welsh Corgi Rescue Northeast, Syracuse. NY
Corgi and Freinds of Walmarsh, Edidto Is land, SC
Corgi and Critters N.E.T rescue Inc. Kilgore, TX

Those are we saw so far and lately, a lot of corgi and corgi/mix
on the Pet finder.com..You might see Already...but take a look!

We are in Midwest...Not much corgi are available close to us..
Probably, like you..

We are also trying to get in the adoption site...Lakeshore Pembroke welsh corgi rescue.. too.

There is much but you need a only one..tough decision..and distance ..

Well good luck and We hope you will find THE ONE soon..

If we see something come across, I will be touch!


Doc and Yuka 



Doc and Yuka

Have you tried talking to Secondhand Hounds in MN? ( http://secondhandhounds.org/ ).  Their herding dog coordinator Anitra Francis usually has corgis available for adoption all the time.

I second the idea of contacting breeders for retired adults or show dogs who did not pan out.   I know that in a handful of areas, Corgis are common in rescue.  But where I am, they are virtually non-existent.  I check petfinder regularly (so I can contact breed rescue if anyone shows up in a kill shelter) and I've seen maybe 2 or 3 mill rescues.  All the rest are mixes, and most of those don't look like there is any Corgi in there at all.  Once in a blue moon a senior shows up when an owner has, sadly, passed away.

Good luck in your hunt.

Great news! We found our perfect match. A 7-year-old retiring obedience dog named Megan. She's wonderful. Thanks all for the tips and support! We bring her home July 1st.


Awesome! Congrats!


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