Hello all,
I'm a first time Corgi owner and was wondering if I could get some helpful tips from you all! She's only two weeks old so we haven't gotten her yet but I want to be as prepared as possible. What are some good tips and advice you wish you were given when you received your first Corgi pup? She's a Pembroke Welsh and she's the smallest of the litter.

Thank you so much,
So excited to be a part of the Corgi owner community!!!

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We purchased a wire cage that will fit her when she's older. Hopefully she won't have to be alone very often. Most of the time when we do travel we do it within state so getting her used to a vehicle would be a great idea for us. Did you use a specific company for the pet taxi?

When I say pet taxi i mean one of those pet carriers you can get at any pet shop or Walmart. It was an 19 hr. drive from Pennsylvania to Louisiana and Maya did real well on the drive home. 

Something I seldom see mentioned that is very important for the safety of your dog is to teach them not to go through a door or gate, get out of a car or off a curb without your permission.  I use OK as a release word, but if that's something you use a lot otherwise you might choose a different word.  I don't make Murray sit first but some people do...I just tell him to "wait".  For us "wait" means a temporary pause in no particular position, and "stay" is a more "formal" command.  I start this training right away by just putting an open hand in front of their nose and saying an emphatic "wait" and then "OK, good dog!"

Lots of exercise makes for a good, i.e. tired puppy...the same principle that worked with my kids!  Actually raising kids and puppies is not too different..be firm so they know you mean what you say ( don't ask them, tell them ), be consistent, lots of praise when they do good, lots of play and love and have fun!  Also, never underestimate how smart and determined they are...if you don't train them, they WILL train you....

Those are some good training tips. Thanks so much. So many books and people have told me how intelligent they are and I can't wait to see for myself! I've met a few Corgis in my life but they all seem to be different and have their own quirks. I've previously owned Beagles (so sad to say but they really aren't that smart) so it'll be interesting to work with a breed of high intelligence!

Laci,  I grew up with Beagles and don't  think they are not smart. They are just very single minded and therefor can be hard to train unless it involves their nose :) I find Corgis to be much more people focused which probably fits well with what they were bred to do. However, they do have a mind of their own and seem to be evaluating whether the commands they are given are correct. The Poodle and Golden I owned previously were not so independant in their thoughts. I find Corgis very fun to live with but they do require an owner that wants to train them. Best of luck with your puppy and I look forward to your pictures.


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