Franklin has never been left home more than 4 or 5 hours at a time since I got him as a puppy. The first year and a half I had him I worked at a vet and was able to take him to work with me. Now I am a student and only had class a maximum of 4 hours a day. Now that school is almost out I will be getting a part time job and doing an internship for school. Both the job and the internship are 30+ minutes from my house and will be full days, so this is going to mean Franklin is going to have to be left alone for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Any advice on transitioning him from having me home most of the time, to him being alone a lot? He is not crated during the day, has the run of the house, and a small patio to go outside. For some reason he won't go to the bathroom on the patio in this new apartment. I recently put down a few pieces of sod and will work more on getting him to go potty on it. Just looking for some advice to make the transition easier for Franklin. I have a ton of interactive toys and even recently won a Kong dispenser that will dispense Kongs at 4 hour intervals. How do your corgis do home all day?

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Kong dispenser? That sounds amazing! One tip would be to make sure he gets a really good walk in before you leave for work. When walks didn't seem to tire Baxter out, I started playing fetch with him in our complex's tennis court. It wears him out pretty nicely. When I had more time to kill in the morning, I used to take him to the dog park. Basically I would just try to "exercise" the chewing demons inside him before I would leave for work. Another tip would be to try to do a few practice days before you start your job and internship. Pick a day and leave him alone for 8 hours. You could even start at 6 or 7 hours if you want to gradually increase it. Good luck!!

Leave a radio or tv on ? If he's used to noise or to block out other noise. I put some calming music on the radio (soft) when Bella was sick and I had to leave her.
Honestly mine are fine.  They sleep all day.  If I'm home sick, they look at me as if I'm interfering with their plans....
By the way, I know that I didn't actually give any advice, but my guess is it will bother you more than it bothers him.  Mine don't even have long walks before they are left; we simply start work too early to make that practical.  I would just suggest getting him used to the new potty schedule before you actually start the job so he is not anticipating being able to potty soon.  Mine easily hold it for around ten hours and are more eager to play and cuddle when we get home than go potty. In fact we frequently have to actively encourage Jack to drop his toys and get his collar on to go outside after all those hours alone.  Adult dogs have bladders of steel....

HAH! They are such BUMS!! (mine too)

I walk Bugsy 30-45 min Every Morning, after I make my coffee (to bring with!). He usually has his breakfast before we go. He has a good romp in the woods or through town. Then he settles to chew on the chewie dujour at daddy's feet (if he's home). If he's left all day, I come home to find him lying in his crate; a little corgi ball. Sometimes he's on the couch fast asleep (BUM!). The only accident he had was when I didn't get home until after 7pm - so I don't fault him. If I think I'm going to be gone really long, I set up the port-a-pen with the crate just in case. I also have phone numbers of a few friends & neighbours incase something should happen & he would need to be let out.

I know he mostly just sleeps all day - his chewie will be where it was when I left. lazy bum. ;)

I always reward him for being a good boy with a good evening walk...


Yep, most likely he will be fine. Might be a good idea to gate him somewhere where the chewing opportunities are limited, esp at first. Be sure he gets out right before you leave. Leave water for him and some sturdy toys and his bed. He will probably sleep most of the day. Ours do just fine when we are gone for the day. They are used to us being home since we are both now retired but they are fine if we have to leave them. Rocky likes his beach towel in the bathroom and Rosie goes in her crate with the door left open for her. They get a treat and we leave. We do gate them each in a separate room since Rosie tends to go nuts and chase Rocky when she hears the garage door open. She is very bossy!! Rosie gets the computer room and Rocky gets the bathroom and utility room. They are happy.
Jake is in a similar situation - he's by himself from around 8 am until 6ish pm - he does fine.  There were a few "accidents" at first, but he's been a champ ever since.  I take him to doggie daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays so he generally never has 2 consecutive days alone which seems to work out well.  He gets a good walk in the morning and again right after I get home - the key there is to get him outside ASAP once I'm home - sometimes even grabbing the mail first can lead to a "whoops"!


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