My Pembroke puppy is 6.5 months old, and today I noticed that she's been limping and babying her left hind leg after she's been sleeping. My husband noticed it when he got her up at 5:30am for her potty break, and I noticed it when I got her up at 9am and when she woke up from naps around 1pm and 5pm. As soon as she's all warmed up and has been up and around for 10 mins or more she's fine. I also took her to the dog park today and she played and rolled around with another puppy and was showing no signes of an injury or being in pain or uncomfortable. Do you think it's just growing pains? I don't want to try and get her into the vet asap tomorrow, but if I don't and the limping gets worse, I have to wait til Mon or take her to the emergency vet clinic. Any suggestions or thought? Anyone else's corgi experience this?


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I inspected her leg and foot carefully and massaged her leg for quite a while and she didn't make a peep or jerk away. I did notice a slight cut on the bottom of her biggest center pad, so maybe that's it. Although, I don't know why something like that would only hurt after sleeping for a couple hours. I had to put her to bed, so I'll clean her foot tomorrow and take a better look at it in the daylight and make another assessment then. Maybe put a little antibiotic ointment and a bandage on it and see how the weekend goes. I'll let you know.
Well, she was making a little fuss, so I got her up to go potty. Since she was up, I looked at her foot more closely. Like I said before she has a little cute, but it doesn't seem to be bothering her cause I poking at it and nothing happened. I poked around her other pads and she started trying to pull her foot away when I poked the middle 2. I don't see any difference between those ones and the ones on her other back leg. I hate to see her limping like this though. I think I'm just going to try and get her in at the vet tomorrow.
Have an appt to see the vet in 3 hrs.

Ella did the same thing, at about that age.  The only thing I could figure out is that maybe she was laying on it funny when she slept.  Could also be do to a growing puppy.  Vet didn't find anything wrong with her, and she doesn't do it now.

But one time she did chew a chunk out of her foot pad once, and the vet had us put vasoline on it and keep it clean.

Hope everything is ok with your Ein.

Thanks so much for responding. We just got home from the vet a little bit ago. He gave her a real thorough examination and said nothing was broken or torn, and it wasn't her foot at all. He thinks she sustained a soft tissue injury from all the wrestling and playing I let her do at the dog park (we go a few times a week). He couldn't pin point exactly where she was injured or hurting, cause she would squeal wherever he would squeeze or poke her. He started squeezing and poking on other parts of her body and she would squeal then too. He laughed and called her a drama queen. He said that rest would heal her, and gave me some anti-inflammatory pain meds to give her twice a day. So no more dog park for us for a couple weeks. I don't have to keep her still, but no exercise, jumping up and down off the the furniture, or playing fetch. She's gonna be really broken up about the last one. Fetch is all time favorite. :( So a nice relaxing couple of weeks are in our future.



I hope she gets well soon.  Poor rough-and-tough Corgi!
Glad it wasn't something more serious. Sparty's favorite game was fetch too and we changed it to catch when he hurt his knee.
Poor baby.  i hope she gets well soon.  The drama queen bit is great.  They can be dramatic, can't they?
Yes, I knew this about Ein, but never really expected the vet to discover it after only being with her for 5 mins. LOL They're such funny dogs.
I've already noticed a slight improvement on the limp, so that's good. I read up on the medicine they gave her (Rimadyl) and it's an arthritis medicine that has some serious possible side effects. I've been keeping a close eye on her and she is perfectly fine other than the fact that it makes her a little lethargic and tired. I'm not really gonna complain about that though, cause the more rest she gets the better/faster her leg will heal. I've also noticed that she's been more clingy than usual. She is a very independent puppy who's never cared for being held or sleeping next to me, but now she follows me around everywhere and sleeps at my feet if not next to me on the couch. I guess even puppies want their moms when they're not feeling well. She's so cute. I'm glad I'm seeing some improvement already.
I am glad she is feeling better. {{{HUGS}}} from aunt Rhonda


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