I am so confused! Nutty and Cinny are the sweetest doggies!  Those of you who have met them, know this. Whenever my BF is over, they become maniacs. Last night, we were sitting on opposite sides of the couch....just watching TV. Cinny was on my right side sleeping, and Nutty jumped up on the couch. Next thing I know....it's ON!  GROWL, SNARL, GROWL....my BF grabs his Chihuaha, and gets up. I grab Cinny by the scruff, and shoot Nutty off with my foot. In the process, I wind up with 4 bites on my upper arm and shoulder, and a doozy bite on my wrist. No skin breaks. I have broken another fight up, where I got bit on the face. They are together most days in the kitchen, if I dont take one or the other to work. As soon as the fights are over, they kiss, and hug. I can't keep gettin bit. Something bad is gonna happen, but they fight ON me. 

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Thanks everyone.  I dont want anyone to think that I was bitten on purpose.  They would never do that.  I just happen to get in the way, or was bitten on my way to standing up to get out of the way.  Neither dog has ever lifted a lip to me.  Only allowing one on the couch is working so far. 


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