I might have to take Nutmeg up to Chicago in a few weeks, and was wondering what everyone's thoughts or experiences with plane travel has been. She is over 20 pounds, so I don't think she can be in the cabin under the seat. Is this true? Anyone had dogs travel the other way? (Don't know what it's called). With the luggage?? The Doggie Airline does not fly out of Florida, or I would totally do that.

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I have seen people taking their corgi-sized dogs in a solid-bottomed, but mesh-walled crate on the plane with them as carry-ons.
First you should check to see how the airlines handle crates. Airlines usually limit the amount of dogs they have per flight.
about 12 years ago we thought that it would be a good idea to take our corgi on a plane trip from FL to NY to visit relatives for Christmas. She was a year old. There was a delay on both the trips to and from NY and the dog was left outside in extremes, which we didn't find out about until later. We did not give her any sedatives. When we got to NY and finally got our crate, our dog looked like she was drugged. She was so groggy and wobbly. She finally looked normal again about a day later. The return trip was worse for her, because the plane was delayed for weather. She looked even more out of it when we got her out of the crate in FL. We have vowed to never do that to an animal again. If I can't take the pet on the plane and put under my seat, it isn't going in the hold. We made several trips a year to and from NY by car just because of the dog. It took us longer to get to NY, but we didn't have a sick dog.
Now, don't take this in anyway that I don't think anyone should fly with their pets. That is up to the individual. I've heard of many people who have had no trouble at all. I just will never do it myself.
I traveled with Ethel when she was much smaller, just 8 pounds (my breeder won't ship young pups, so I had to get her). What I learned: you have to make a reservation to bring the dog onboard, most flights only allow one or two animals in the cabin; they charge you (and they've raised fees significantly, many of them); if you even unzip the bag to check on the dog, everyone will yell at you; security people are suckers for a cute puppy (you have to take dog out of bag, have bag x-rayed, then return dog to bag). I do know people who have shipped dogs, and they will say only when the weather (temperature) is moderate, and always on non-stop flights. As for the weight limit, ask around, some are 25 lbs, and if you think she'll snooze in her bag under your seat, it's defnitely worth it.


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