Those who have read my blogs know that my sweet cat, Alice, has recently struggled with cancer.

This morning we gave up the fight. 

I've had this cat since I was 23 and she has been with me for every significant event in my adult life.  She was very special.  Even with two busy Corgis, the house feels painfully empty.  I can't imagine walking into the bedroom without meeting her welcoming meows.  Alice died as she lived, with grace and dignity, and not a single complaint.

Goodbye, my friend: My life is better for having shared a part of it with you.  You will live on in my heart forever.

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Alice was a real beauty, Beth. I'm so sorry, yet I am happy for all the happy years you two shared.
:( I'm so sorry for your loss.
Alice was lucky to have had such a great family.....sorry for your loss.
Thank you. And we were lucky to have had such a great cat.

Thank you. We were there with her at the end, rubbing her ears and telling her she was loved. The vet asked if we wanted to be there and when we said "definitely" she said she feels it is much easier on the animal when its owner is present. It's the least we could do for her.
I am so glad you were able to be there for Alice. I think it's important for both the animal and the people!

Thanks Beth...I'm sure you are Alice's hero for seeing her through till the end!
We are very sorry to hear about Alice, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Aw, Beth... :(

I've been there. It isn't easy, especially with a cat so dear to your heart that you've had in your life for so long, the ones that have helped you through so many of the hard times, and shared so many of the good ones. Not that they all aren't dear, but... sometimes, you get the truly special ones. I agree with your vet in that...

"Yes, this person needed a cat... but a cat also needed this person."

I'm so sorry to hear of her passing, but so glad that you guys found each other in the first place. :)
Thank you. I think I mentioned in a blog that she showed up as a tiny kitten (she fit in the palm of my hand and needed to climb to get into the litter box; to get on the bed she would leap and grab on halfway up the side, then shimmy up like Spiderman).

It took me a solid week to catch her. Every day I would put the food a little further from the hedge she was hiding under. When I brought her in she promptly went into hiding. She had clearly not been handled. If I dragged a string she would chase it, but she would not let me touch her. I was very patient but after a few days of trying to convince her I wasn't going to hurt her, I just grabbed her and held her and petted her. She struggled to get away for a brief second.... and then she started to purr. And that was that.

So yes, we needed each other. It hurts so much to lose her but I would not trade the long years together for anything.
It sounds like it was meant to be. Animals do have a way of showing up when we need them, whether we know it or not.

I had an orange tabby when I was a teenager that I raised from a kitten. He was with me through everything and often times was all I had. When he was 7 or 8 my brother was watching him and he left the door open and Sammy disappeared. I was heartbroken and searched for over a month to no avail, then just when I gave up, I was in my apartment wrapping Christmas presents with the porch door open and in comes this brown tabby, bounding in to grab my ribbon and dash back out. He turned out to be an abandoned pet. Everyone in the complex knew his story but no one ever took him in. He helped me get over the loss of my cat and we gave him the home he needed. He turned out to be the best cat I've ever known. Even my husband let him in the apartment to sleep on the bed though he's allergic to cats. We only had him for two years but I know it was meant to be and I'm grateful for the time we had.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Beth. You made the right decision no matter how hard it was. You and Alice gave each other so much love and companionship and it's hard to lose a friend like that, but she had a long, full life and she now get's to be at peace. I hope you are able to find peace as well.
oh Beth, i am soooo sorry for your loss. she will always be in your heart and in your thoughts. im sure as she is in heaven that she is thinking of you and also thanking you for all the love you have given her through out her life. i know it seems hard but everyday you will get stronger and time will heal. i bet Alice was a wonderful cat, animals leave loving paw prints on are hearts and give us happiness through out are lives that we all know we couldn't achieve with out them. try not to be sad Beth, she will always be with you no matter what


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