I found Duke on PetFinder. He was surrendered because he herded children! I am sad that someone would give up their corgis because of corgi's herding instinct. It should NOT be dogs' faults and it should reply on dog parents' training. Lulu also herded me and my husband in the past; but after some training, she has learned not to herd and nip people.

We are in the middle of moving therefore could not take in one more dog. If you or your friends/family are considering adopting a Corgi, please look at this posting.


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People should do their homework and check out the breed before they decide...

I so wish that he was in MI. My cousin is lookin to adopt a Corgi and it's so hard to find a Corgi at a shelter which is good but she has her heart set on getting one at a shelter so it looks like the search continues lol I hope someone adopts him!

If your cousin is serious, we could probably get a corgi train going to get him there.  I'd be willing to get to the Illinois/Ohio border!

Wish I knew of someone...will keep on trying to think of someone.

I hope Duke finds a nice home.  Corgis herd. 

My two herd my kids all the time (without nipping). I find it pretty hilarious. I couldn't imagine giving them up because of it!


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