Hi Corgi Pals,

This is another corgi puppy in need of rescue in California.

See the Craigslist add and help if you can.



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Oh what a cutie....I hope she finds a wonderful new home!
OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! And in California!!!!! Must....have....her...... LOL
Melissa! are you thinking you'll go get Harley!? I hope you do!!
auuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhh and she's CLOSE to me!!!!  Eeeepppp......
I e-mailed them but no reply. I am guessing there will be a "re-homing fee". I plan to call tomorrow. I know of several people interested in her so it would just be dependent on how much the owner is going to charge. Franklin has several of my friends/family members wanting a corgi of their very own! Lol.
She wants $700 for the puppy. I told her if in the future she was truly looking to find the pup a good home and not trying to sell her then I would be interested. I also flagged the ad since selling is prohibited on craigslist.
Wow!!Just sent you a message on your own board!!That is ridiculous!!If she really loved that pup,she'd be glad to find a home!!
Are you kidding me????!!! She'll be sorry she put her phone number on that ad...now I wonder where she got the dog? This smells to high heaven!!!
I sent Her another message and asked Her not to bother contacting Us if she really wasn't seriuos about her pup going to a good home.No response,I'm also wondering how she got the pup now.I'm with Sophie,maybe someone closer can see if a pup was reported missing or stolen around that area??We're too far away or I'd try.

yeah it is ridiculous. I had to text her, she did not respond to my e-mail. She told me the pup was $700 and when I told her that I was no longer interested because I did not want to BUY a puppy she responded by saying she HAD to buy the puppy for $700 and put $500 into her for shots and stuff. I responded by saying thats fine but I am not interested in buying a puppy that somebody doesn't want, I am more interested in RESCUING. No response after that. The ad needs to be flagged though.


My guess is she bought the puppy and her BF said, what the heck!!! So now she is trying to sell it and make a profit.

WOW...how sad for the puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people!


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