hi im a first time corgi owner. i don't have him with me yet but i will in about 9 days. so what I'm trying to ask is "any advice for me?" i am pretty informed in what kind of dog the corgi is & the needs a puppy will need but what was it like for you? anything i should know? any tips to keep fleas & ticks off of him naturally? i want to buy trifexis next month since I'm short on cash. any answer will be greatly appreciated thank you  :)

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I'm a first time dog owner/corgi owner as of 6 months ago.  How old is your pup?  Mine just turned 9 months.  She was lots of work when I first got her.  Because I was a first time dog owner, I started on obedience classes right away plus it was the perfect time to get her socialized with other dogs and people of various ages.  It terms of the fleas, ticks, worms, I too started her on trifexis which is very expensive.  However Sentinel (a similar drug) is back in the market and a lot cheaper if purchased from Costco or on www.drsfostersmith.com   From experience, I'd stay away from dog parks even after they got all their shots.  My pup caught giardia when she was 5 months old and it took 4 rounds of antibiotics just to get rid of it.


Hope you'll have lots of fun with your corgi!

What is giardia? I'd like to be informed since I was considering taking him to a dog park to play but now I'm not so sure! He is turning 8 weeks on the 17th when I am receiving him. Is sentinel a monthly drug?

Giardia is a parasite that lives in natural bodies of water and it can cause terrible diarrhea. Humans can get it too and it's one of the many reasons you don't want to drink from a pond or allow your dog to.

Oh I'll take that into consideration when taking him to a park then!
Okay I will thank you very much. :)
Don't take your puppy to a dog park! There is no way to know if the dogs there have been properly vaccinated.

My only piece of advice is be patient.  I remember thinking at one point I don't know how much more I can take of the accidents in the house and the sleepless nights, but it gets better.  I love my puppy more than I ever imagined and they just want your love in return.  I totally agree with Catherine about the obedience classes.  My Foxy is also 9 months old and I started her right away so she could get socialized with other dogs in a safe environment.  Just enjoy your new baby.

Thank you for your advice! I'm very patient I'm sure ill be a great owner!

Welcome Claire, here's the FAQ

I would recommend playing with the pup's paws A LOT to get it used to having its paws handled; makes toenail clipping so much easier down the road. Corgis seem to be especially fussy about their feet. Also, start with gentle tooth and coat brushing right away. Have fun with your pup and enjoy every minute, even the piddle puddles, midnight yipping, and chewing. And the new puppy smell!

Thank you!
I hope my corgi will do the same!


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