Hey all,

Rowdy the last week or so has slowed down on eating his food. he pretty much ignores it for a little while and eats it very nonchalantly. He usually hoovers it down to the point I had to buy him a special bowl. This is my first concern.

Second, his #2's have been much smaller and almost to the point like it is difficult for him to go, I wouldn't say full blown constipation, but he just looks so uncomfortable trying to go.

Then this morning, he threw up twice in his crate and urinated in there (something he never does anymore). I looked and realized he only had a few bites from his dinner last night (at around 10pm) and so I figure the throw up was from hunger, it was mostly bile, no chunks.

He seems normal in every other aspect of his character, still playful, little less FRAPs than usual, still brings me a million toys at once to play with, and his nose feels normal.

He's 7 1/2 months old and definitely looks like he's going through another growth spurt, could that just be it? I put a little water in his breakfast this morning to soften it, and he seemed to eat it a little more regularly, but it could just be because he didn't finish his dinner last night.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

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Blockage maybe? I'd definitely keep an eye on him and if it continues get him into the vet.

It could be just due to soreness from new teeth but if it persists I would call the vet to be safe. They also go through stages during the first two years that can affect eating.
Partial blockage would be what I'd be afraid of, especially with the reduced stool size.   If it were just the lack of appetite I'd give it time, but considering the rest of the picture I'd maybe consult with the vet.
It sounds like a partial blockage to me as well. I'd probably take him to the vet if I were you, Franklin has wound up in the vet several times for partial obstructions.....no fun for anyone.
Thank you everyone. His #2's have gone back to normal since I wrote this post... but his eating still hasn't regulated. Bev, I took your thoughts on sore teeth into consideration and wet his food so it softened up and he seems to be eating it in one sitting. I'm keeping an eye on him.

Have a great day!


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