Anybody else think Ellen Degeneres should get a Corgi?

I'm thinking of starting a petition :-).

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Why not. She probably won't treat it as a lap dog and do it's nails. If it was Paris Hilton I'd be scared.
I second that comment!
We'd sign that petition!!!
Comedians would have a great deal of material from a corgi. Very cool, but I am biased. I think she is extremely attractive, she is an animal lover, and very funny.
She seems to have the perfect personality for a Corgi but personality doesn't cut it alone. With any animal there must be dedication to the pets well being and quality time with them. Can she walk the talk?
I agree, her personality would fit a Corgi but I cannot say that she's a good pet owner. If we're going by appearance/personality alone I think her and Conan O'Brien should have one. :)
Maybe she should join my b/4 she gets can we get the word out to her????


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