My boy, Blaze is 11 1/2 and in the past couple of weeks we have seen signs of him slowing down some.  He is having a hard time with steps all of a sudden, he hesitates and tries to avoid going up them.  He used to follow me up and down all day and night, now he only goes up when he has to.  We took him to the vet. He have him some anit-inflammatories and said if he is not better, they will do xrays next.  I'm hoping it is a temporary problem. 

Blaze is not hearing as well and not seeing that great. (he had an eye removal last year due to a tumor) and the eye he has left is getting pretty cloudy.  Not a cataract, just old age.  He is also slower getting up, etc.  It is just tough to watch him age and I know it will be harder as he gets older.  I just wondered if anyone else had a corgi around the same age that I could talk with?  He is still pretty healthy and for that I am very grateful. I will cherish each day that I have left with him. I hope he has a couple of years of good health left.  

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Suzanne....glad you moved it over here.  Lots of good people with good advice.  And Blaze is one handsome pirate!  Arrgggh!

Ha, Thanks Linda!  He dresses up for Halloween each year and after he lost his eye last year, well he had to be a pirate.  :)

Blaze make a wonderful pirate...he is handsome.

Teddy my puppy mill rescue is at least 11 and that's just a guess from the vet. Some days he acts like his crazy self but has hearing has gotten bad to the point that he doesn't hear me call him so I have to get his attention by waving my arms or crouching down. This scares me when he's out running even though he goes out with others and stay in our large yard...if he were to wander we might not find him. He does go out with others who have also been trained to stay in the yard.

I also see the dimness in his eyes but he keeps on moving for is sad that dogs have to get old...

Thanks Jane.  Thanks for sharing about Teddy. It helps to know that someone else understands what you are going through. We just have to remember to cherish each day. I am really trying to.  :)

You are right Suzanne...the day I rescued Teddy I knew he was special...I had put him back as I already had 3 picked and then in the end I couldn't not get him...needless to say hubby was NOT happy when I came home with 4 NOT 1-2. I just couldn't abandon him...every night he is the last one to say "good-night" as he jumps up on his back legs to see me and then lays on the floor next to the couch till I go to bed!


Sorry to hear about Rubi's stroke, etc.  Sounds like she has been through a lot. I am happy to hear that she is improving though. That is wonderful news. Kudos to you for hanging in there with her and having the patience to help her come back.  Hang in there and enjoy each day that you have with that sweet little girl.  :)

Try a fish oil supplement. My vet swears by it to help with the getting older slowdown.

Thank you Ivy. I am looking into it now. 

I had been just using the human supplements and cutting open the pills. That was messy! My hands smelled of fish. Heh. I found a salmon oil bottle at the pet food store which is soooo much easier to use - just a couple pumps over her breakfast.

Do you know what dose for the fish oil????

@Ivy....Suzanne had posted this last night at the Aging Corgi forum but that doesn't appear to be very active so I suggested post it over here with all these smart people.  I told her too about using fish oil.  I started using it for Max, 12, for dry skin in the winter but I too find it seems to help with other things.  It has the same benefits for dogs that it does for humans.

@Amy....I am so glad to hear that Rubi is walking again.  Too many people would have given up and not had the patience to help her gain the strength back in her legs.  I agree...things happen too fast.  I have made myself sick worrying over Max but then I tell myself he is doing just fine, stop fretting and enjoy days I have with him.  I had him to the vet today to evaluate a fatty tumor that is going to be removed.  Needless to say I was a basket case but all appears that it should be a fairly easy surgery for him.

Hi Linda,

I was making myself sick too about what is eventually coming, but I am realizing I was so busy grieving that I was not enjoying my time with Blaze.  I am happy to hear that it is just a fatty tumor on Max. It still isn't fun, but at least it isnt something worse.  Blaze has one too, but we are going to leave it for now. He has had so many surgeries the past couple of years for tumors, growths on his paws, then the eye removal. Poor guy has been through a lot.  Last night he seemed like his old self a little bit more.  I love those times. :)  Hang in there and I will keep Max in my prayers for a speedy recovery.


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