My COrgi and I are moving to an apartment the end of a month, he's been use to having my big room and yard to go in and out, any help w/ the transition?

By the way, the apartment only allows dogs up to 25 lbs. He's almost 6 months and already 21 lbs..Should I worry? There's not much I can do.. I walk him for about 2 hrs every evening w/ a dog walking group so he's well exercised and super socialized.


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I've heard that before, how do you teach them to bark on command?
I have usually seen it done with clicker training. You wait for them to bark about 3 times, click, and say speak as they get their treat. Eventually it connects that when you say speak, they should bark. To train them not to bark, you let them bark for a little bit and when they stop, click and say a word. Some usually pick the word quiet as their word. When you say quiet give the treat. Do that for a few times and they will pick up that quiet means don't bark. Make sure to say it and not to shout it, otherwise they think you're joining in the barking.


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