My COrgi and I are moving to an apartment the end of a month, he's been use to having my big room and yard to go in and out, any help w/ the transition?

By the way, the apartment only allows dogs up to 25 lbs. He's almost 6 months and already 21 lbs..Should I worry? There's not much I can do.. I walk him for about 2 hrs every evening w/ a dog walking group so he's well exercised and super socialized.


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Most correct weight corgis tend only to get to 30lbs. I doubt they'd ask for a monthly weigh in. Good luck?
Most apartment complexes have those requirements because they don't really want to deal with bigger breeds due to possible damage of property or another neighbor. It's mostly insurance issues. In my case they have never been on my door to verify the weight or dog breed. Mostly that information is given by you when you are about to sign the application form. The last time I moved, they requested to see the dogs, but I show them a picture and that was all.

Corgis adapt quick to new environments. I would suggest a walk around the neighborhood before you move. See where the dog friendly areas are. What type of dogs are around, how the owners act with them, etc. From now on, your dog must learn to walk on a leash, and learn basic commands like "leave it", "off", "quiet", among others. You will notice that not many people are unfortunately, friendly towards dogs. And because there is no private backyard anymore, is better to adhere to these basic rules. After you move, walk your dog around to get familiar with the new smell, noises, etc. A new routine must be established as soon as possible. And be patient with the furkid, it might take a couple of days. Good luck! Keep us posted how it went.
Thanks for the help~ I sure hope they don't give a hard time once he reaches full size! He's just too precious.
I doubt that they will be performing weight check up monthly. They probably set that limit so that none of their tenants are bringing in Mastiffs. In regards to the transition you can always play friendly indoor games like hide n seek.
We have the same weight limit here, and no one has ever asked to weigh the kids ;) I wouldn't worry - I think like some of the other posters said, it's more to keep the bigger breeds out.
Thanks a bunch everyone, yeah.. good thing he isn't full grown moving into the apartment! I hope he adjusts well, I'll still drive him to his favorite park every other day or so.
Corgis never look as heavy as they are! Ella doesn't look any different now at 23lbs (age 2), then she did at 17lbs(9months) *not sure where she hides it. I doubt they will put a cute little corgi on a scale.
We moved from an apt. to a house, and Ella transitioned just fine. As long as you try to keep daily stuff like walks and food time similar to what he is used to, he should be just fine.
Thanks, I hope he doesn't look 25 lbs! He's just always been big boned even as a puppy even though he's in great shape. 23 lbs is little!!! Must be nice =)
I don't think you should fret over the weight thing. My corgi is about 26 lbs and the vet actually said she might need to lose about two pounds or so. I would think that would be close enough.
I would like to be able to move into an apartment at some point, but I think Perky would bark too much while I'm gone. She always barks when she's left alone. =(
SOunds just about perfect. Yeah I hope he adapts well. He doesn't bark really when left alone, but he sure likes to protect the screen door like a little watchdog whenever there's a little now there's going to be noises everywhere! hopefully it won't be an issue. Good luck to you as well
Thanks everyone! If anyone has any suggestions for barking, let me know! (I think it's more when he's really bored), but I walk him a lot and let him play w/ other dogs for around 2 hrs usually and he will still come back and bark at me...and bark BACK at me, just sometimes!

It does get a little frustrating
The trick I've always been told is to teach them to bark on command. Once they learn that trick, they can usually be taught not to bark on command. If he barks while you're away, frozen treats in a kong while you're away usually works well, otherwise they now sell mind stimulating toys with treats inside that could keep him occupied.


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