Applesauce was attacked and now she wont leave her kennel...


Early this morning, around 5am, 2 loose dogs jumped our fenced and pinned Applesauce against it. I was inside but I heard yelping and ran outside to see what was wrong, I have never heard Applesauce make that noise before... I managed to get the dogs off of her, picked her up and ran her inside while my husband ushered the two dogs out of yard (no tags for either). She seemed ok, no bleeding or limping. But when I let her out this afternoon, she wouldn't let me pet her, she hides downstairs in the basement, she won’t eat and when I come close to her, her whole body shakes. I left for work and my husband said now she won’t even leave her kennel... I did manage to get her outside before work and she seemed ok but now I am worried that she is traumatized. I'm not sure if I should take her to the vet, just in case, but I am worried about traumatizing her more.


What do you guys think? Just allow a couple days for her to get past it? Take her to the vet? Has anyone experienced this before? I wasn't sure if I should put this in health or behavior but since she doesn't seem injured, I thought behavior fit better. Let me know if I need to repost in health, instead.

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Hello !
Poor little applesauce ! Does she have her complete set of vaccines ? Rabies too ? A check up at the vet is always goof after an '' attack'' like that.   It not fun for a little dog to get pick on my bigger badder dog. If I had that problem I would call animal control. What if those dog attack you next ? I would also try positive reinforcement to help the little one get her confidence back ! 

good luck 

Poor baby...I'm sure she was traumatized and her kennel is her "safe" haven for the time being. Does she have all her shots? I would take things slow and try to help her build her confidence and treats might help. I would have her checked if this continues as she may be hurt and you don't know it.I would also go out with her for the time being in case the dogs come back!

Poor Applesauce! I am sure she is traumatized. I hope you reported the dogs to Animal Control. Also, it may be a good idea to have your vet check her out. She will probably be very fearful due to this so I would look for some Obedience classes near you and get her enrolled. This will be a safe environment for her to deal with any resulting issues and a good positive trainer can help you help her. So sorry this happened!

I'm glad your pup is ok physically. I've never had this happen, but, how are you treating her now? Are you giving her space and treating her the same or are you being super careful around her?
If you act nervous around her then that would give her reason to be nervous, just as if you were walking her and you got panicky over another dog and tensed up the leash...she'd pick up on that and react.
When you take her outside, try to stay relaxed, don't look back at her, don't give any extra special attention, just act like it's any other day but give her praise when she accomplishes something you noticed she was skittish about ex: cross the threshold of the door to go outside.
It's going to be just as much work for you as it is her.
Like I said, I haven't had this happen, but I'm just sharing an idea, based from what I know in hopes that it might help.
I agree with taking her to classes to help her, plus they fun ^_^
Best of luck!

Jessika, have you been able to hold her?  Make sure she doesn't have any bites under that thick Corgi coat.  When I rescued my Corgi Katie last year, she had been attacked by something big (coyote, big dog) and the owner didn't check her and ended up she had 4 punctures on her back which became infectd and maggots started eating her skin....gross I know.  Apparently she became very sick with fever and the guy took her to a vet who saved her.  When I got her they had to peel and cut the dead maggot eaten skin check real careful so Applesauce doesn't have to go thru what Katie went thru.  Just be patient and I am sure she will come around soon.  Good Luck!

My beagle was attacked by a coyote, and didn't seem to have any wounds. However, he kept shaking and acting ill for two days so we visited the vet. There were some deep puncture wounds that I couldn't see. They were infected, and he needed antibiotics. He was fine after that, and had no more opportunities to chase coyotes. (Yes, the beagle started it.) With a corgi's thick coat it would be even harder to see punctures, and dog bites are dirty, so I would see the vet.


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