Well, my Ella is soooo stubborn!  She will even give me dirty looks.  She absolutely loves being outside and especially in the snow!  I take her for walks, I play with her outside and inside but she never wants to come back in.  Other than resorting to "dragging" her back in the house, I've had to actually pick her up and carry her in.  It's to the point now that all I have to say is "ok...I'm going to pick you up" and that gets her moving towards the house but only a few feet and then we repeat this process.  I have a small choke collar and have tried it.  It seems to work somewhat better but I don't like using it because I feel like I could hurt her little trachea.  Are all corgis stubborn like this?  Sheesh.  I'm starting to dread taking her out just because she is so stubborn about coming back in.  My shepherd goes out, does his duty and comes right back in for me.  Just wondering how many other corgi owners go through this. 

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Thank you for your input!  I'm starting to work harder on this issue with her using some of the techniques offered up on here from everyone.  I'm so glad this site exists because I've had numerous questions, beings I'm a first time corgi owner!  I've been spending today looking at possible harnesses and there sure are alot of different opinions about them!  I know it all boils down to training her correctly so that's where I need to start. 

We have a 9 month old Corgi Babar.  He loves to be outside too.  When it is time to come in the house our Beagle mix will come right in the house,  Babar will come to the door and look inside but stays outside.  We have to go out on the patio and get behind him then he will come in the house.  Baby steps.  They are such smart and loving dogs.  My question does anyone have difficulty with their Corgi's barking?

Corgis are naturally "barky" dogs, and I know this from reading lots of info about Corgi traits on this forum and other places.  It has to do with the herding instinct, they have to bark to get the cattle moving in the right direction.  So they bark when they see dogs or people running, and a lot of other instances.  I am working with Bogart to limit "nuisance" barking, but not trying to eliminate it because it would interfere with his herding instinct.  And, just for fun we are going sheep herding in April, this will be his second try.

Maya is a barker.  She is quiet in public - that is the cardigan part of her - totally different dog than at home.  at home she barks to tell you to get up, barks to tell you that the cat is moving, barks when the bird is walking on the roof.  barks because she is a happy girl.  when she is not barking at something specific I am working "quiet".  If I tell her quiet and she barks anyway she gets squirted with water.  I have several water bottles placed throughout the home.  when I keep her well walked and exerted the barking is reduced.  but she typically has something to say.

my corgi is stubborn, or willful.  she seems to think that everything important is a waiting to call your bluff moment.  my lab mix will go and come back with just gestures.  Maya barks on her way out.  barks while she is going to do her business and when it is time to come back.  races to the door and stops short.  sits and barks.  it is a game to her.  so i started an inside game.  it is called get in your crate and you will get a treat.  so now she races from the potty to her crate - she is very food driven.  she gets a treat when she gets in her crate.  i get to shut the door, she gets a treat and everybody is happy.  i also started feeding her only half her food (dry) when I get home from work and we work on the "touch" game.  each time she touches my hand and I get to touch her she gets a treat.  so now when I reach for her she is not always dashing away.


i have to bribe mine with treats or a shower ( he loves to shower)


@Jenny, that's too funny!


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