This might just be because I am a first time puppy/Corgi owner but... Ace went from being an excellent little guy to being a little terror! and I dont want to point fingers but i know he spent a week with a misbehaived Fox Terrier and he never pulled these stunts before.. Im wondering if its just the Age he is at.. like little Kid's terrible twos or if i am doing something wrong..

He doesnt like listening to anyone.. he only listens to me when i become very stern and has picked up a new thing when i take him for walks.. i mean before he would only stop and look at people when i would walk him now he growls and barks at other dogs when we walk.. he never used to do that before.. Not to mention he must bark at everything.. I thinkim doing something wrong but im not sure..


Any advice would help greatly



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I'd suggest going back to basics for a week or so. Put him on a leash and work on sit/stay/come/leave it. He needs a refresher course about who exactly is in charge and in charge all the time. Corgis tend to be strong willed dogs so even as he gets older it's good to repeat the basic stuff regularly. A professional trainer told me once that even highly trained adult dogs will begin losing their edge after just two weeks without training. I didn't notice how old Ace is but pups do go through a phase where they have to test the pack members to see who's really in charge just like human kids tend to do at some point. I'm sure with some discipline Ace will come around quickly.
I looked at your profile and he was just born at the end of October 2009, right? So he's only going on six months now?

There's all different philosophies out there, but I'm personally a big believer in keeping most things very fun and short til they are around a year old. Lots of short, fun training sessions, and lots of praise and rewards for correct behavior, and lots of keeping puppy out of situations where you are likely to have to correct him. Just be patient, don't expect too much. He's just starting to figure out that he has a mind of his own and can do his own thing, and what I like to do with a young puppy is make sure he has a chance to see that doing what I want him to is much more fun than not doing what I tell him. Lots of games and lots of short fun training, and if he's barking at other dogs when you walk I would try distracting him with a favorite toy or treat before he has a chance to start to bark, and then tell him what a gooodd boyyy he is for walking on by.

But again, he's still very young and his attention span will be terribly short for another six months yet, at least.
I think like Beth, too. At 6 months, he has the attention span of a gnat, and he's discovering and testing out new things in the world. My Bertie didn't bark until closer to 9/10 months, and then he trotted out this new noise at every opportunity! I do think that they go through phases, too, as they grow, and they are telescoped into those first few months/years of life. A lot of times the change involves a little reversion, a little selective hearing, a little testing. So try not to be too stern for now at least, or correct him all the time -- as Beth says, try to be upbeat and positive. Distract him into doing what you want, and reward him when he does it. It really does work, but you have to be patient and you have to practice. Little 5, 10 minute sessions. And everything you do -- feeding time, playtime, walkies -- can be part of learning.
I found while walking the dogs if I have treats or kibble in my pocket that it was easy to distract with a treat. Now they all walk by other dogs with very little reaction (without treats). I agree he is just going through a stage. You can use these stages as an opportunity for positive training. He may try your patience now but "this too shall pass" and you will have a great smart dog.
Thank you all.. I been really stressing.. and i shall try the treat thing on the walks.. i dont dare take his favorite toy with me due to the fact that its a foot tall lol he loves a game of Kill Eeyore (a squeeky filled donkey toy of his i bought a few months ago)
Welcome to adolescence. All dogs go through this from 6-12 months of age. Things they previously knew they forget, housetraining can sometimes also go bye-bye, they begin pushing boundaries and getting into trouble.

Preventing Adolescent Problems
That is a great link MagnoliaFly!
Copper is going through this stage though. He goes through listening perfectly to "I'm sorry. ma, I cannot hear you right now because there is something stinky I would rather roll in" lol I call it the bad puppy stage. Like Doug said, Go back to basics. Make sure to tell him he's still a good boy when he does what you ask and you are still treating him. I think another reason they get defiant is because they are corgi's and love their treats, when they get to where they know everything, we stop giving as many treats because they aren't really necessary anymore. Copper says "Treats are ALWAYS NECESSARY!" lol Good Luck!
Well I have one stepping stone down =) him wandering off around the yard with 'selective hearing' has started disappearing due to me making the porch an interesting thing for him when he is done potty... he also now knows was a stern ah ah sound means and leaves whatever he was doing alone... now if i can get the rest of the family to do this it will be great.. its really hard when others dont want to fallow what rules you have for the puppy XP
I'm with you on the other people not following the rules. It does make it really hard when I'm teaching Copper not to jump and people say "He's fine" and pat their legs to get him to do it again. UGH! It's not fine and it's not ok when he jumps on my nieces and nephews and knocks them down! I know how you are feeling!
ya its frustrating.. My mom doesnt like the dogs on her furnature so what does my brothers friend do? teaches him how to jump on the couch.. then gets all rude saying its only because my mom doesnt like it.. its not that at all its embarassing taking yourpet over to a friends house and your dog jumping on their couch when you dont know if they want the pup there.. x.x;; its a respect thing... though my brothers friend is the most difficult.. My mom and Dad are awesome and try and Stick to how i train him =)
I also agree with Beth. Sometimes even older dogs revert to this about a year ago my then 4 year old thought it was okay to bark and growl at large dogs like Great Danes...we went back to square one and he no longer does this! The positive training does work along with the treats for the behavior you want to encourage! I use dog food samples for some of this as it's different and easy to carry the kibbles.


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