This might just be because I am a first time puppy/Corgi owner but... Ace went from being an excellent little guy to being a little terror! and I dont want to point fingers but i know he spent a week with a misbehaived Fox Terrier and he never pulled these stunts before.. Im wondering if its just the Age he is at.. like little Kid's terrible twos or if i am doing something wrong..

He doesnt like listening to anyone.. he only listens to me when i become very stern and has picked up a new thing when i take him for walks.. i mean before he would only stop and look at people when i would walk him now he growls and barks at other dogs when we walk.. he never used to do that before.. Not to mention he must bark at everything.. I thinkim doing something wrong but im not sure..


Any advice would help greatly



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ya im really working on the growl and bark thing... he never used to do it before.. so im just trying to him that he doesnt need to be afraid nor needs to bark/growl.. so we are not working on the 'speak' command until we can teach him when its appropriate to bark


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