baby (1yr), puppy (11mo) aggressive towards baby for no reason help!!

ok so i have a year old daughter who i see anywhere from once a week to 4 or 5 days a week
but its still a relatively new arrangement to zoey my corgi, who ive had since she was like 12 weeks and is now a month shy of 1 year old.

so zoey growls and snaps at erica almost anytime erica touches her.
especially if they are in the bed i might add.
although occasionally they will play, mostly when erica is ignoring zoey or erica has food.
im not really sure what to do about it.
i always imagined them two getting along.
i might add that zoey is not spayed as i want to breed her at some point
and shes gone through one heat already.
any help would be awesome!

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I usually don't recommend Cesar Milan's stuff, because I think most of it is just his natural ability to deal with animals. But, in this case, I think you should look at a couple of his episodes where he teaches people to make their child a "pack leader." Zoey has to respect your daughter, what about letting Erica take her on a walk, with you there of course, but with Erica holding the middle of the leash and you holding the end. You could also help Erica teach Zoey tricks - have her do sit and lay down with Zoey.
Hi Daniel!
This is what I would do...1st Does Zoey have a safe place to get away? Crate or gated area would be the best with gate shut. At 1 year your daughter could accidently fall on Zoey or use her back as a stepping stool to get up or pull hair and poke eyes. If you can't be right there make sure they are separated! Spaying has nothing to do with this...I have 3 unspayed females who love our 8 grandchildren! This is a teaching thing for both of them. I would start by only letting the 2 together when you can teach. Maybe sit on the floor with a bowl of cherrios and everyone gets one (one at a time taking turns with you feeding Zoey, then the next step would be letting your daughter give one to Zoey etc. If you have any specific questions you can message me!

This can happen fast and Zoey most likely would not like it...that why the door needs to be shut! Teaching needs to be fun and not stressful.
Here's an old thread on babies and corgis. You can purchase the book on your right in the rescue store.
Sounds like your corgi has no respect for your daughter. Especially if she growls and snaps at her in the bed, that seems like Zoey is letting Erica know that the bed is hers, not your daughters.

And if you mean a human bed, like your daughter's bed, as soon as Zoey snapped or growled or any slight sign of aggression, I would make Zoey get off the bed and not allow her up.

"although occasionally they will play, mostly when erica is ignoring zoey or erica has food." - Not to sound mean or anything, but it sounds like Zoey is being a bully to Erica. The way you said that Zoey nips and growls at Erica when Erica wants to give her attention is a definite no-no. But as soon as Zoey wants attention she'll manipulate Erica to get it. She's trying to control Erica in doing what she wants, when she wants it. Like only wanting attention when she wants it on her terms and only when your daughter has food.

Perhaps you could do somethings that would make Zoey see Erica as a pack leader. Help Erica hold her bowl of food and make Zoey sit down before she gives it to her and like Stephanie said, let her walk Zoey but with you holding the leash as well, just in case. Little things like that matter. :) I hope everything works out!
Hi! The joy of parenting...... (furbabies and humanbabies)

I would follow the link Sam gave, but I would also just add this general observation (which agrees with everybody else).

Zoey here is the "older sister". She's jealous. If she was a human "older sister" you wouldn't put up with her hitting, biting, saying mean things. Right? need to do similar stuff- put her in time out (make her get off the bed), teach her correct behavior (take her to a training class) etc.

that's my general advice.

best of luck! knowing you need advice is a good sign! you'll figure it out!


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