And I have decided to do something about it! Today and yesterday while searching for corgi rescues in need I found not one but TWO ads for two separate female cardigans looking for a stud to breed to. I just cringed reading these ads! One is titled "Robot wants to have puppies" like her female actually WANTS puppies, it should be titled "Owner wants to make a quick buck". I decided to pose as the owner of a stud and see what kind of information I could get about these dogs, who the dam/sire are and who the original breeder was. From being a member of this site for so long I have learned cardigan breeders are VERY strict about who gets their puppies and 9 times out of 10 those puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract. One of the owners wouldn't give me much info, saying the pup was from North Carolina (I say pup because the female she wants to breed is only 7 months old). Well I was able to weasel the name of both dam and sire from her by saying I wasn't allowed to breed my boy but I wanted just one litter before he was neutered. She gave me all the info and I found a breeder in Maryland with the dam. I have contacted the breeder with a link to the ad to see if she had a litter of pups when this owner claims her dog was born. She told me both the parents were registered but not her pup which makes me almost certain it can't be registered without proof of spay/neuter. The 2nd female, the owner quite willingly gave me the name of both dam, sire, and breeder, including where the breeder lives and registration numbers of both dam and sire. Problem with this one is that I can't find the dam or sire or the  original breeder anywhere on the net, according to AKC they do exist, but there is no kennel linked to any of them. Since this 2nd female is registered I'm wondering if she is from an irresponsible breeder to begin with since she was allowed to be registered without proof of spay/neuter. If I had more time or a team of people behind me I'd go after EVERYONE looking to breed their dogs for a quick buck. I hate to see this and it makes me feel good that maybe, just maybe I was able to stop just one more irresponsible litter from being born. If I had my way I'd have that dog taken from the owner and the owner fined. You signed a contract and breaching that contract shows just how irresponsible you are! 

*rant over* :-)

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Ah I wasn't thinking about that.  Would make more sense to use Cardis though since they're closer but then mixing breeds together nowadays doesn't make sense at all.  I was looking at their website again and recognized the sires' pictures of their two Pems, they're from a breeder not too far from me and I had looked at their website as well so I emailed her in case she would like to know.  She said she definitely didn't want to be associated with those people so is asking them to remove the photos of her dogs.... but that's the price you pay when you sell all your pups with full registration isn't it?

I hate this too.  Not as much as puppy mills but maybe this is where they start?  When I first posted pictures of Logan on FB, a local friend of a friend (we friended because she has a Pem) asked if I wanted to plan a litter with her dog.  I ignored this but the fact that Logan is a fluff is a huge red flag that she is not what you would call responsible.  Of course I have a contract to neuter him and will fulfill it in a month or so.  PS-Logan is DM carrier too! 

I appreciate your efforts in stopping this, Melissa. I'm amazed at how many people want to breed their dogs, regardless of the owner's complete lack of knowledge and experience concerning what it takes to successfully whelp a litter. Most of the reasons I hear are trite, "I just love him/her so much and she's so sweet that I want a piece of him/her when she's gone." I always want to respond with, "Ummmm, your dog's personality isn't exactly genetic and there will most likely be 3-7 additional pups when the litter is whelped that you will need to find good homes for..."   


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