And I have decided to do something about it! Today and yesterday while searching for corgi rescues in need I found not one but TWO ads for two separate female cardigans looking for a stud to breed to. I just cringed reading these ads! One is titled "Robot wants to have puppies" like her female actually WANTS puppies, it should be titled "Owner wants to make a quick buck". I decided to pose as the owner of a stud and see what kind of information I could get about these dogs, who the dam/sire are and who the original breeder was. From being a member of this site for so long I have learned cardigan breeders are VERY strict about who gets their puppies and 9 times out of 10 those puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract. One of the owners wouldn't give me much info, saying the pup was from North Carolina (I say pup because the female she wants to breed is only 7 months old). Well I was able to weasel the name of both dam and sire from her by saying I wasn't allowed to breed my boy but I wanted just one litter before he was neutered. She gave me all the info and I found a breeder in Maryland with the dam. I have contacted the breeder with a link to the ad to see if she had a litter of pups when this owner claims her dog was born. She told me both the parents were registered but not her pup which makes me almost certain it can't be registered without proof of spay/neuter. The 2nd female, the owner quite willingly gave me the name of both dam, sire, and breeder, including where the breeder lives and registration numbers of both dam and sire. Problem with this one is that I can't find the dam or sire or the  original breeder anywhere on the net, according to AKC they do exist, but there is no kennel linked to any of them. Since this 2nd female is registered I'm wondering if she is from an irresponsible breeder to begin with since she was allowed to be registered without proof of spay/neuter. If I had more time or a team of people behind me I'd go after EVERYONE looking to breed their dogs for a quick buck. I hate to see this and it makes me feel good that maybe, just maybe I was able to stop just one more irresponsible litter from being born. If I had my way I'd have that dog taken from the owner and the owner fined. You signed a contract and breaching that contract shows just how irresponsible you are! 

*rant over* :-)

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I saw you posted this on the Corgi Rescues of America on FB:)

I think it's great that you are actually doing something about it:) It would be really great if there was a group dedicated to doing that:) It's sad that people can't just live up to their words and not breed when they aren't supposed to.

All I can say is: THANK YOU.

Yeah, The second cardigan I found, the owner seems really nice. I am doing my best to talk her out of breeding. She is being really open and honest and does have permission to breed and full AKC registration. So I guess not much I can do at this point but educate her. She admits that she is still learning so I told her to talk with some reputable breeders and am trying to discourage breeding because her dam/sire do not appear to be from quality stock. We will see what she decides. I tried. 

I've spent the last two days trying to talk one of the doctor's I work with from getting an "augi" (mutt) from a "breeder" in Missouri.  It comes with a health guarantee (for what that's worth), but no contract to sign, found them on the internet, etc.  According to him she's the only one he can find that breeds this type of dog.  (Australian Shepherd/Corgi).  I've explained over and over that many breeders in Missouri are puppy-mills, that no contract is a warning sign, and that most reputable breeders don't advertise on the internet.  Plus she "breeds" multiple types of dogs.  BIG warning.  Can't talk him out of it though...their beloved terrier got run over on New Year's Eve...:-(

that is especially sad being a vet. Any mix is not from a reputable breeder! augh!

Good for you!! I have to say i dont blame you, i wish i had known when i got my Carly, what i know now. 

I have learned alot in two yrs .... My dear Carly is from a back yd breeder and she has had so many temperament problems , only consolation is that woman is no longer breeding.. she re homed her female and male..

People need to be educated about breeding and why its not healthy to throw out puppies for a few $$

There is someone on puppyfind that sometimes sells cardi puppies with full registration, I think it was somewhere out on the east coast. Like you said the vast majority of cardi breeders are ridiculously careful with their dogs, but there's always going to be a few bad ones I guess. :/  There is a "breeder" a few hours from me who makes the "rare blue merle pembroke"...I just cringe every time I see their ads, but part of me wants to email them just to see what they say.

Yeah it appears the 2nd corgi came from a back yard breeder. The original breeder was telling the person who wanted to breed the female that there was no issue with breeding two blue merle's together and offered one of her stud dogs to use for breeding. The lady forwarded me all the e-mails from the breeder including a link to the breeders page. I really do think this person is thinking she is being a responsible breeder so I just encouraged her to talk to many different respectable breeders before deciding to go forward with a breeding. 

and yeah, blue merle pembrokes are so rare THEY DON"T EXIST! Lol. Its so funny how people who breed these crosses won't straight up tell you the dogs are mixed breeds. They skirt around the truth until you force it out of them, or say that the blue merle pembroke they use as a stud is pure bred and the aussie or cardigan was so far down the line that it is no longer in the blood or some other nonsense. 

Love it, love your detective work. Good for you.

Way to take a stand and be proactive!

I found a breeder in Michigan who is developing a blue merle line of Pembrokes but there's no way they can be purebred.  The only pedigree she posts is of her male who is a Pem but all her females (except one which is a pure Pem) are blue merle and they are CKC registered which I believe will register anything.  They do look like Pems to me but there has to be Cardigans in their pedigrees for them to have that color.  Her two foundation stock blue merles she claims to excel in temperament and conformation, I'm no expert on conformation (working on that) but if they were of standard color, I wouldn't breed them.  The puppies are going for $800.

Yeah that seems to be the new merle pems. Many are actually a mix of mini Aussie and corgi but these breeders have convinced themselves that if they breed the blue merle enough eventually they will be mostly corgi. A blue merle is never a purebred pem and its so annoying those people who say they are. If you are so dead set on wanting a blue merle pem that you are willing to sacrafice breed standards and breed mutts you don't deserve to have the honor of owning a corgi!


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