Anyone else get the Bark Box?  We have been getting Linus the Bark Box for a few months now and it's really great.  We got a groupon that made it really affordable (i think it was $35 for 3 months).  We just renewed for another 6 months.  The three we've gotten have had 2 kinds of treats, usually organic or grain free or food grade or bully sticks and made in USA and 2 toys, usually 1 hard toy and one soft toy.  The contents of the box are probably worth about $40.  It's a really nice way to try different products (Linus is pretty much into all kinds of treats).  Also after you receive the box they offer that month's products at a discount on their site if there was something your pup loved. 

Anyone have any other dog "stuff" sites they like that similar to this, or like ""?  I'm always looking for new ways to amuse Linus.

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Yep, we have a barkbox subscription. You can search the forums for a bunch of threads with information. There's a pawbox of some kind, I forget the name, but I've seen a few similar subscription services (including one that offers things for cats)

we use:

  • (frequently they have really decent coupons)
  • - it's probably the best out of them
  • - showcases lots of new products, DIY, has coupons, etc.
  • - great dog beds
  • - better than going to the flea-infested stores!
  • - amazing treats, low calorie, and if you buy a case of 12 you get a discount, and they're cheaper direct than they are from the local pet stores
  • the container store - cheaper than petstores for good quality, airtight petfood containers (ours goes up to 45 lbs. of dog food)
  • - brand of the fuzzy blue blanket our dog is madly in love with

the dogster mailing list or whatever sends out frequent coupons to helpful things, and we signed up for for the mailing list, but so far i haven't been impressed with their offerings. usually i can find better deals elsewhere.

Pawalla is the subcription box you may be referring to, I think? :)

by the way, thanks for all the awesome links! For amazon,I like to shop warehouse deals. click on "todays deal" at the top and then select "warehouse deals" up top on the new page( and then on the left select "pets" sometimes they have really good deals there!

yes that sounds right, i was just thinking 'pawwha? no that's not right' but i knew it was ridiculous. my favorite weird name is bow chicka wow town, i think that's FABULOUS.

and hell YES, i live and die by amazon.

sorry i didn't turn all the list into live links, but i'm tired :p

Here's another coupon code for Pawalla if anyone is interested.  $6.50 off a one-month subscription.

This is a great list, Rae! Thanks! :)

ooh!  awesome list!  i cant wait to look through them! 

We got our first Pawalla box today.  The products are all really nice, but it's not much savings over buying retail (at least this month wasn't).  But it does save me having to either go to the petstore or shop around online for dog treats for a month. I posted a blog post about it on my page.

Fauna is the background trying to find the last little crumbs of her cheese cookie.  Those are a huge hit so far.

Wow, I won't get any work done at the office today as I will be busy checking all the sites on rae's list... he he! Regarding BarkBox, makes a great gift in my opinion for new dog owners so I use it as my go to "baby gift" now. BUT, Bogart has ripped apart all but one of the toys in minutes, and I gave them that feedback.  Need a special box for those dogs who are more rough with their toys. They said we might get to be one of their "testers" - that would be fun!

ooh, let us know what they send!  linus can destroy any soft toy in minutes.  he mostly enjoys pulling off the tags and opening them from the seams, so we've saved a few to use as "gifts".  i do let him eviscerate one every once in a while just for funzies. 

machete has yet to really murder a toy, and i keep waiting and wondering, but nope.

just took the ears off that mouse in about .2 seconds, but in my opinion it was really flimsy ear-wise anyhow.

that would be SO AWESOME if you got to test out products! YAY!!!

Yes, he would really like that too!  Same as Linus, above, first thing he does with any toy is take the tag off, and then he destroys the rest of it... Barkbox had a really good email lately with tips on making toys at home that I am going to try making.

we always cut the tags off, though now that he's lost most of his needle sharp baby teeth, he's not ripping into things as much.

But, you know how they make t-shirts and underwear and things with the tags printed on them? I'm like, why don't they just print the tags on dog toys? If there must be a tag at all, it seems we're always cutting tags off of toys or making sure there's nothing "removable" that the puppy can choke on. 

Oh I saw that DIY e-mail! I really want to make some fun rope toys!  


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