I am looking for an obiedance trainer for Bentley. He has dog/cat aggression. I live in a rural area with not alot around me. I contact the only trainer I could find around my area which is Bark Busters. Has anyone ever used them. Also the training the say is for a lifetime so if later he retreats back to his bad behavior or needs diferent training I can call them anytime to come back for more training. The training is in home with what I call field trips to be around other dogs and other area or than my home. The cost is $550. is that a fair price? Also does anyone have suggestions for behavioral training in the west central florida area. I could make it to the Tampa area for classes but they would have to be on the weekends or later in the evening so I could get off work pick him up from home & then make the 45 minute drive back down to Tampa. An advice would be appreciated....

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you might head over to amazon and look for a book called FIESTY FIDO Help for the leashe aggressive dog it dictakes a step by step conditioning process to turn the behavior around. Also most major Humane society's offer training classes in their facility's like the Oregon Humane Society offers a 6 wk. 1 hr. per week class called Reactive Rover which is geared to train your dog to respond properly around other dogs/animals for 180.00. 550.00 sounds like a huge price tag to me but I think most things are way more expensive on the east coast versus west? We don't have Bark Buster's here at least not that I know of anyways
@ Christy- I will check out the Humane Society in the area(although they are very small here, will have to check out Tampa). I also thought $550 was alot but she was trying to sell me on it being for a lifetime of training. He is already 8 yrs old and I hope he lives a very long life with me but it not like he is a young dog & have lots & lots of years left(but I am hoping he does have lots & lots of years left).
BarkBusters is a scam. It's a franchise they sell to people who are not trainers - a couple of my friends who are professional trainers tried to inquire and were refused. It's basic throw-can choke-collar e-collar training, which has its place but NOT in the hands of people who know nothing about dogs but don't like their job at Mailboxes Etc. anymore.
I'll bet there are a lot more trainers around than you realize. I would ask your vet if there are any behaviorists in your area.
Thanks Joanna for the heads up..... @ Beth actually my 1 vet (i have 2 vets) is the one who recommended Bark Busters. I have googled and searched online for any around me & there isnt any other than Bark Busters. The one's closet to me are 45min-1hr away.....Think maybe we will be driving to get Bentley some help just going to check around & see whats out there....I really want to bring him to a Corgi playgroup they are having about 45 minutes from my house July 3rd but I am afraid he is going to be a terro to the other dogs & wouldnt be allowed back to a play group :-(
Is there an AKC kennel club nearby? I paid $80.00 for basic obedience and they are great up here.We have a jack russel mix rescue in our class with serious problems and in 3 weeks this dog is doing great! They also have day and eve classes as I have to drive an hour each way! The pet store charge at least $20 more. Good luck!
I googled "dog training in bushnell,fl" and came up with a few names. I don't know how far they are from you but check it out. You need a trainer that uses very positive methods (treats, praise etc) Good luck, it will be worth it!
I agree with Bev...it needs to be positive training! the dog in our class also has a special collar that I believe brings his head up when he starts his "fits" sorry I haven't paid much attention to it but I could ask next week or I could email the training director...she's just great! It really is amazing what they have done with this dog...that doesn't mean that they still don't have a long way to go but it is amazing!
It depends on who you ask, I know folks who had great experience with Bark Busters in my neighbourhood, I see their car and training in action all the time. I know a corgi owner who's using them with great results so far, since I do not know enough about them and don't have first hand experience, I will not be bias and judge them based on what others have said. Trainers are like doctors and mechanics, meaning there are good ones and bad ones. Every professions have their egos, some don't mind a friendly challenge, some view it as a threat. Always separate the emotions from logic and gather your facts to make a sound decision.

Now, if you're willing to travel to "Lutz", Courteous Canine is an option, our member Katie is a trainer there and she hold meetups there from time to time, it would be a great idea for you to attend the meetup this Sat, have a talk with katie and see if you're comfortable with her methods. Katie is a long time corgi fan and you can see her in action here.
Sam- I did send Courteous Canine an email last night. I wanted to go to the Playgroup on July 3 but was afraid to because I didnt want to bring Brentley & have him be the terror of the group & then maybe asked not to bring him back because of his behavior. What do you think?
Hi Christen, I'm sure you know Bentley best :) If you don't feel at ease, I would encourage you to go by yourself and get to know the group, you can gain lots of knowledge by interacting with other corgi owners face to face, talk to Katie, pick her brain :)
I agree with Sam - there are good and bad in every field, and dog training is no different. Having no first hand experience, I can't say anything about the program or its trainers, but I would think that if you're going to drop $500 on having someone come out, that you would at the very least get to meet and greet the person first, maybe sit down with them and discuss their methods and their experience before you agreed to do the training with them.

You might also consider either asking to see them in action somewhere else (if you can come to see them work with another dog) or you could also ask the specific trainer if they have a few references from people they have already worked with. Then call those people and ask what their dog's issues were, how the training went and how their dog is fairing. That might give you a better sense of the type of trainer you’re getting without spending $500 and regretting it.


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