I'm going to give my puppy his first bath....I'm hoping the process will go ok, but then again, I don't know what to expect, so I'm totally open to advice! Also, do I need to take any particular
precaution regarding his ears? (are ear infections easy to get?)

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Here's what I do...I coax Gracie into the bathroom, which I've covered the floor with towels and shut the door. First, I have a shower, since I'm going to get soaked anyway. Then I step out and lift the dog into the shower. I have a glass shower door. This couldn't be done with a shower curtain. Dog shampoo is watered down in a squeeze bottle. I wet the dog with nice warm water, then shut off the water, whilst barracading the shower door so she can't escape. Then I soap her up as best I can while trying not to catch a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror. I rinse her off while she tries to make a break for it. I shut the water off and straighten out my back. Dog shoves open the shower door and steps onto the laid out towels. Before I can catch up with her, she gives a 10.5 on the richter scale shake splattering water from floor to ceiling and then runs around rubbing herself on the walls. Great fun! Eventually I get her bundled into a towel and dry her off as best I can. Surprisingly, she doesn't mind at all having her ears cleaned. I soak a cotton ball with cleanser and twist it around in her ears. We perform this ritual maybe 3 times a year. Nails I leave to the experts. :)
Yeah. It's not pretty, but as we know, it's all about the Corgi! :)


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