My two year old Corgi has recently started to go #1 and #2 just once a day.  Before, he used to go at least twice a day in the backyard, and once more during the daily walks.  Now, he only goes during the daily walk...Are there any health concerns regarding this?


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That seems infrequent...especially for pee. Is he eating or drinking any less than usual? It could be a result of less food/water intake, which itself could be a sign of an underlying problem, or it could just mean that he doesn't feel he needs as much. Is he less active than before?

Could he also be sneaking bathroom breaks when you don't notice?
We reduced his food intake from 2 1/3 cups to 1 1/3 cup a day since he was getting a little chubby, but we give him free access to water. Not sure if he is drinking any less...Pretty sure that he's not sneaking bathroom breaks since we keep him indoors and let him outside for bathroom breaks. His once a day pee is very long!
Yes, it can cause damage to the bladder and kidneys, forming crystals, stones. Take him out at least 3 times a day: Morning, after work and before bedtime.
Some dogs are very reluctant to relieve themselves on their own property. Try leash walking him for a short distance a few times a day and see if that helps. If it does, you can then maybe focus on teaching him a "go potty" command and pick one area of the yard where he does not play to condition him to go in, if it's important to you that he go in the yard or difficult for you to take him on the leash.


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