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Anyone have any tips on bathing a new puppy?  My little guy had his first bath with us the other day, and it seemed to freak him out a bit.  I'm wondering if I should try bathing him in a sink or if I should use one of those little blue wash tubs... I dunno. I was very mindful of temperature, and didn't have the water running during the actual bath, just filled to about an inch or so of water.

Any suggestions, Corgiteers?

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I first bathed Isabella when she was about 12 weeks old, I think it was.  I used my bathtub.  She was pretty good about it, but still a little more hyper than I liked.  My daughter actually put on her swimsuit and got into the tub with her!  This seemed to help quite a bit.  I took care of the bath business, but Isabella had even more human contact with my daughter in the tub.  She liked it.  Now I bathe her by myself, no problem, and I think she actually enjoys the experience.  She gets better at it with each bath.  It sounds like you did all the right things and he'll probably get used to it in no time.

Oh I can't remember the name of this thing but it is a hand held shower head with a hose that attaches to the fitting that goes between your shower head and the wall. I have one and LOVE it, the hand held shower head has a little latch to hold the button in to use it and unlock it it stops the water.We give both of ours a bath in the tub, using that thing. I climb in corgi between legs and have everything ready go-shampoo, conditioner, washcloth, Q-tips, nail file etc. Oh don't forget to have the towels ready.

I just talk to mine tell them how good they are, let them nuzzle my neck...makes getting the belly easier. Always use a lot of praise. Be ready for the "shake" I make fun of it when mine do this. My husband helps with keeping fur from the drain and occupying the one not in the tub yet or drying the one just out.

Bomber who is just barely six months jumps in and out of the tub now exploring it in the mornings or when ever he wants. At first he was not nuts about his bath, Samantha still isn't but they behave very well and always get a special treat after such as a chew or peanut butter in a kong.

I believe my being in there helps plus it saves my back from killing me later. Good luck and let me know how it goes for you.

We got one too, works great!

YES that is the exact one we have! Sure saves my back from bending over the tub plus I can be in it with them and play. Who said bath time had to be boring?
Quin doesn't like bathes but I like a clean dog:)
Soooo jealous :)
when teddy was a puppy he hated bathes too. i use to wash him in the sink and talk to him so he would calm down. but now he loves bathes! i give him a bath once a month and now if he wants one he gets in the bath tub and waits for me to give him one! its so funny lol

it will get better with time:) the more he has the better it will get. it was just new to him so he wasnt sure exactly what to do
That hose looks as though it would save me money in grooming!!! 

The detachable showerhead is a good idea!  I kind of wanted one anyway :P

So I guess Chris and I will have to look into that, and in the meantime I guess I'll just have to keep trying.  I did sit on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water last time and washed Toki, while Chris pet him and talked to him, etc.  He just kept trying to get out and in general didn't seem terribly stoked, haha.

Thanks for the advice, Corgiteers!

We have the 'shower" attachment now too for the bathtub.  When our girls were little though, we bathed them in the kitchen sink, and used the spray thingy on the sink.  They don't _love_ it, but they don't mind it now.
Toki got his second bath tonight. This time I used a sink and he did do a bit better.
Honestly, the adorableness that is a post-bath bouncing little corgi is totally worth the effort lol.
You may want to be careful on how often you bath Toki. Watch for dry flaky skin, itchy that type of thing. We bath ours about once a month depending on how cold it is that type of thing. Although we live in dry part of the country so it may be different out here. Also we give non flavored cod liver oil, a teaspoon a day on their food, the Omega 3 is good for them and the oil helps with skin and coat. They are spoiled and get a teaspoon of yogurt every morning as well as a small bite of banana. Hope Toki enjoys his day at the office tomorrow.


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