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Anyone have any tips on bathing a new puppy?  My little guy had his first bath with us the other day, and it seemed to freak him out a bit.  I'm wondering if I should try bathing him in a sink or if I should use one of those little blue wash tubs... I dunno. I was very mindful of temperature, and didn't have the water running during the actual bath, just filled to about an inch or so of water.

Any suggestions, Corgiteers?

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Thanks for the advice!  I got him an aloe shampoo and it tends to be a bit humid here... But the only reason I bathed him twice this week is because he rolled in something gross and it was all over him :)
Boy do I understand that one! Samantha rolled in buffalo dung!! Luckily it was dry but still shall we say fragrant. LOL
Brody hates to get a bath.  I literally have to go downstairs (where he's run to lay on his pillow) and carry him up to the bath tub.  Once in he'll stay in the tub, tolerate the bath and can't wait to jump out and shake.  Lilly on the other hand loves a bath. I also found that if I put the shampoo in a plastic container and added water it gets more evenly distributed all over their body and LOVE my hand held shower head. 
A tip: run the water warm.  Edison started liking baths (i.e. enduring them without loathing in every line of his sad, wet body) the day that I started running his bath as hot as I take mine.  :)


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