Be Honest: How Much Exercise Does Your Corgi Get?

I'm curious what the exercise regime for your corgi(s) is on the average day? Leash walking? Off-leash walking? Fetch? Laser? Tug? Playmates?


Has it changed as they've aged? How do they act if you skip a day or two?


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Livvy plays fetch several times a day. We occasionally walk to the mail box but with 6 corgis they run like crazy and are not leashed so the exercise themselves by playing most of the time. They are out several times a day running,chasing and rolling around on 5 acres of yard and grove:)
Franklin gets two 1/2 hour to 1 hour off-leash walks a day. I live by the river so we fetch for about 15 minutes on the walk to the water and then he swims and runs along the beach and plays in the water for up to an hour (usually between 30 to 45 min) and then 15 min fetch/walk session back to the house. Morning run averages an hourish but evening usually is only 30 to 45 min. I try to take him to the dogpark at least one to two times a week to switch things up. He gets fed in interactive toys twice a day and I leave an everlasting treat ball (without the "everlasting treat") stuffed with a few hard to get treats. This keeps him both mentally and physically active throughout the day. If he doesn't get out he usually just runs like crazy around the house with a toy in his mouth. I always get him out, everyday, wether it be five 10 to 15 min chase or fetch sessions or 2 long runs. He's just not a happy corgi if he doesn't run run run
My corgi's get 2-3 let outs where they run and play in back yard through out the day, they get from 1-2 hours at the dog park including walking the trails off leash and if there are not to many dogs in the field or days the park is quite we play fetch, and a walk after dinner from 15-45min. Plus we play tug or fetch around the house with me or each other through out the day. Sometimes we can't make it to the park so instead we go for a nice 45-1 h walk and play fetch in a near by field or back yard.

As long as we spend atleast 1 hour total of walking and yard time there is not much change. They are pretty good at just taking it out by running around the yard like crazy. Or they will play more around the house inside instead fo chilling out and sleeping.
teddy gets a 2hour walk/run by the water everyday if the weather is nice. its required on base to have him on a leash so i have a retractable leash and he runs and goes crazy once he hears the click on the leash to let him go. he chases the geese and pidgins :P lol i would love to take him to dog parks but with my husbands job its just not possible right now and i have no idea where one is! lol but i have contacted a few friends i made here and have have set up play dates for teddy so he can play with other dogs, and one is a corgi!!! haha. during the day when i am cleaning i always give teddy a kong or cow knee bone to chew. if he gets bored of that him and our one cat (i thing he thinks he is a dog lol) they play for some time.

teddy's favorite game is tug of war. i only play for a few minuets as he gets pretty serious about the game and gets so tired he passes out or gets so excited he pees. but he loves when my husband Arthur gets home as they play really ruff(its all fun though) teddy will grab onto a toy and Arthur grabs the other end and they run through the house with him hanging on and when he lets go Arthur runs all over the house while teddy has the toy and is chasing him. its so fun for all of us. when we first moved here i didn't have time to do much of anything and he was so anxious and bored so Arthur played with him for an hour.

i do play fetch with him also but i play that at night so he is really tired and sleeps well. if we go downtown on days we are bored we bring teddy so he can get some good exercise. we are some times gone for 7hours. we do take breaks but we do alot of walking. his back legs are solid muscle and by doing this he is very strong! lol after these super long walks he is tired for 2days. he tries to play but u can tell hes sore which give me time to relax.

i will admit though i have my off days and just dont feel good and he looks at me like "come on mom lets go! i am bored!" and my husband cant walk him so i cook chicken and a little bit of cheese and spinach and put it in the red kong ball and he is busy for some time and then usually takes a nap with me :) i know that an exercised corgi(or just dog) is a happy one and its is important to stimulate the mind
Oh goodness, I'm jealous! You all seem to have so much free time! I work from 8-5. Honestly most days they get a half-hour walk. They do run and play in the house. On weekends, they get two long walks. When the weather is not awful, we try to get them on the off-leash trails a couple times a week, and then we are a little longer with them.

There is an informal dog play area in our park (illegal?) and they will run and play with the other dogs, but both of them are mroe concerned with wandering off and trying to find something edible in the woods so we often have to leash them up.

Jack has agility once a week for an hour (we are breaking for the winter) and Maddie has rally.

Wish I could walk/play with them a couple hours a day, but I need to do other things like eat, and yardwork. :-)

Yes, age definitely makes a difference. Jack started quieting down a bit around the age of 2.
Mine don't get a walk everyday, about 6-8 games of fetch of about 15 mins each time.
Mine seems to be disinterested in outside time if she is alone. She gets a walk most days and LOVES that. I have been taking her to the dog park but lately that has been disgusting ( I am going to post a discussion on this in a moment) and fetch inside a couple times a day. She loves to get a good frap or two outside but someone needs to be with her to encourage her or kick a ball around so she can play soccer:)
this is my carly exactly!! she wont go out unless were with her and i feel bad that she doesnt get to run with other dogs so i guess maybe this is the reason she so hyper? i walk her about 30min every day and go to a dog park once a week ,( such as it is ), some dog park!! a school lets us use the play ground thee days a week, but its not completely closed off so were always watching to make sure the dogs dont go to the other side of the playground and get out. I pay fetch and tug a-war with her often but seriously! i need a break sometimes! .. i had no idea she would need so much exercise! my sons Corgi is so much more laid back..and always has been..
Weekdays on leash walk about 90 minutes combined
Weekend on leash walk about 2.5 hours combined - we visit parks and trails on Sabbath afternoon

Mocha and Vienna play daily at home.

Yes, they want to walk more especially in the city of Toronto, central florida not so much. They are now 7 and 6.5 years old.

When my dogs were 2 years old, we were lazy dog owners and did not exercise / walk them faithfully each day, we only used the backyard and occasionally walk around the neighbourhood, realistically my dogs only had 15-20 mins each day. We made all the excuses in the world, too tired, too late, too early, too hot, rain, hurricane...etc. Because of our irresponsibility, our house and furnitures paid the price.

One day my colleague who was a prison doc made a comment "Even inmates needs sunshine and exercise daily", I realize how cruel i was: I've sentenced my dogs to serve a 15 year sentence. That's when everything changed, rain or shine, hurricane or snowstorm, there are no more excuses.

Don't feel bad if you don't have time, that's what the responsible neighbour's teenager is for!

Exercise, discipline and affection. Walking should be the staple, playing fetch is the cherry on top :)
I wanted to add that we walk them faithfully unless it's pouring (we'll walk in a light steady rain) or in the single digits in winter.

We walk in the dark, we walk in the snow, we walk at dusk when it's hot and hose them down before and after.

As for the time, though, like I said: I get home from work at close to 5:30. By the time I bring in the mail, change, and we walk the dogs, it's usually well after 6pm by the time we finish our walk. All spring, summer, fall we do yard work in the evening most weeks after that and we regularly don't eat dinnner til 8 at night. My husband's alarm goes off for work at 5:50 and I get up about a half hour later. He gives them a short walk in the morning to potty.

If I had the time they'd get two walks a day, but the American work life being what it is (only industrialized country in the world without mandated vacation/sick time, longer work days than most).... well, I have to deal with the reality I have. They are usually out on their walk for 45 minutes, but about half an hour of that is walking and the other 15 minutes is dawdling/sniffing/ talking to other dogwalkers.
@ Beth....that's still much more than many corgis get:) It is hard your corgis are lucky to have you! We all feel bad sometimes!
just like Jane said, dont feel bad Beth, i know your corgis are very happy with you and get lots of love and attention. i bet they are happy for the time they are with u whether its on a walk or just sleeping at your feet:)


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