Be Honest: How Much Exercise Does Your Corgi Get?

I'm curious what the exercise regime for your corgi(s) is on the average day? Leash walking? Off-leash walking? Fetch? Laser? Tug? Playmates?


Has it changed as they've aged? How do they act if you skip a day or two?


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Sophie goes on 2 hikes every weekend which usually combine to be about 5 miles. She attends doggie day care 2-3 times a week. (the place that is right by us offers it for 13 dollars a day) I still try to take her on walks those days but she often isn't up for it so we will just play fetch or tag in the yard. The other days  we play fetch in the morning or I try to convince her to go for a quick walk. I come home for lunch and we play or go for a quick walk. Then in the evening we usually for a 30-60 minute walk. If she is still active we will play fetch, chase the laser, or her favorite game of Sophie in the middle where me and my wife stand 40 feet apart and roll a ball or throw a frisbee back and forth while Sophie runs and tries to catch it. For making her tired nothing works better than 15 minutes of running back in forth as fast as she can trying to catch a soccer ball.

My two have set times for play and to rest. when a bug has gass, they run outside and bark.  If we are outside so are they and chase and pounce are in order.  If we are inside sitting down they are in our laps asleep.  !0:30 pm is all out chase,pounce,bark,roll around on the floor.  11:15pm we go to bed and midnight they have one last bark outside then get back in bed and sleep.

I'm trying to be better about making time for structured exercise, but as a full-time student with a full-time job, it's tough. I've recently been doing C25k (a running program) and Tucker has been training with me. However, it's been so hot (105+) that if we don't go by 9am, we've sort of missed our chance. Right now we're jogging 2 miles 3x's a week and walking 2 miles 2 days a week. He also has agility class on Wednesday nights. Sometimes we go hiking when someone can go with us.

Zoey gets the short end of the stick. She isn't the most motivated exerciser, so I can't take her and Tucker together. Zoey's idea of a walk is a meandering stroll around the block. I try to take her out, but it's hard to schedule separate walks.

We have a good size yard, and the dogs are always chasing each other, or squirrels, or something. We try and play fetch or  frisbee a few times a week. We also go to the dog park a few times a month, especially when it's cooler.

Camber gets about 30 minute walk daily.  Maybe 5-10 minutes every other day of "chase".  She does not fetch or play, so any exercise means one of us walking her...

Noodles is 7 and he gets just over 3 miles 6 days a week. We jog twice a day, but on the weekends our schedules can change. He will still get at least 1 long jog in every day and that one is about 2.75 miles. When we are inside, he will play tug-o-war (for hours if we let him), but other than that, he usually sleeps. He loves catching the ball that we bounce off the front door, but after 20 minutes of that, he is done and he wants to play tug-o-war. He doesn't fetch, but will spend about 20 minutes catching the frisbee. Besides his jogs, he loves attacking the vacuum every Saturday night and that takes me about an hour to clean 3 floors. Fun for him (not so much for the vacuum). If he were to miss out on even a little jog/walk one day, I will pay the price because he doesn't sleep well that night. Rain (which is often here in the Pacific Northwest), shine, snow, ice and hail...we will be out!


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