How many others find themselves sleeping in strange positions because their Corgi takes up most of the bed? Mine only likes to sleep stretched out longways, which leaves no room for my legs!

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Izzy sleeps with her head on my husband's pillow(she is madly in love with him) so not too big of a problem if I keep her bunny butt clean. Sparty likes to sleep up against me which means I often end up almost falling off the bed. It is good to have a large bed when you are trying to share with corgis since they sleep with abandon!
I do, we all sleep in a diagonal position across the bed, LOL. I love when they cuddle, but then, I cannot move. I am afraid to wake them. I like to watch them sleep, it means that everything is well. Don't like when they kick me. Then, I wake up and to move them it feels like they gain 50 pounds!!! Then they give me the "I was so comfortable" look.
I know that look all too well!
My two are total bed hogs! I often wake up with a crick in my neck because I've been sleeping so weird. Oliver likes to fall asleep with his head on my pillow but usually moves down to the bottom of the bed halfway through the night. Jake likes to sleep at about my hip under the covers. Which is fine with me because if he sleeps on top of the covers I end up with none! When he is sleepy, moving him is a pain because he is just dead weight. We call it "floppy dog."
Oliver sounds just like Shayleigh, she also likes to start with her head on my pillow and then move down towards the middle of the night. I only have a twin bed so it gets kinda cramped with my little bed hog in there. I think she'd really like to have her very own pillow because every night before I go to bed I find her curled up on my pillow and she sighs like she is very exasperated with me when I try and move her.
I have a full size bed, and I can't imagine sharing a twin with mine!
You need to have a big bed when sleeping with Corgis. So far my guys sleep in the crates, but before Randy came home, Leo would sleep in the bed and he liked to take up a lot of room.
Loki can't get on the bed without help and although he likes it, he cannot sleep on the bed with us, no room as it is.. And I really don't like sharing.
The other day I woke up with Caleb sprawled out on the right side of the foot of the bed with his butt on my feet, and my roommate's cat, Sophie, on the other side of my feet taking up the left side of the foot of the bed. I couldn't move my feet and inch either way without receiving unhappy grunts from both parties.

Also, it drives me crazy when I let Caleb on the bed with me, and he circles and circles and tries to rearrange my covers like my obnoxiously expensive bed just isn't all that comfortable, but when I don't let him on the bed he flops on his 25 dollar doggie pillow from petsmart like it's the greatest thing in the world.
Hannah has recently started moving the blanket around too. It's pretty funny to watch her try to "fluff" everything up before she lies down, but boy does it take her forever to get it just right!
I always wake up pinned between Autumn and Mark. Autumn likes to lay sideways about a foot away from the edge of the bed. I've never seen such a small animal take up so much space on the bed!
oh yeah, king size bed and sometimes have about 1.5 feet of width for me!


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