I didn't take a lot of puppy pictures, but I put this together to show how a RHT color changes. Do you have pics of your adult dog and their baby pictures to compare? And yes I let her get a little chubby. She is at a nice slim weight today. (we'll see about tomorrow)

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Ooh I love these threads, so fun seeing how much they change!

Here's my pem Henry:

~6 weeks

~10 weeks when we brought him home


~2 years

Like Jane, I also love these threads. :D

Ace at roughly 5 weeks.

At almost 12 weeks

At 16 weeks

At roughly 6 months

At 10.5 months!

The wild eyed one is my favorite!!  That's awesome!

Gorgeous!  What intense eyes!

Wow! Ace has such stunning eyes! =)

This was sooooo fun to look back:)

I love the guilty look on the second one!

Sage was about 3 weeks old in the 1st picture...then I think she was in the "ugly duckling stage for the 2nd and am so happy she turned out so beautiful.

  • No such thing as an "ugly duckling" stage with a Corgi!  The are always cute.

Here's Luke too, my cardi:

~8 weeks

~4ish months

Almost 2 years


I said it before, but Luke is seriously one of my favorite Cardigans of all time. I don't know what it is about him, if it is the blue eye or his super clean blaze of white leading straight into that full collar, but he is an incredibly handsome boy. I am so jealous that he's yours! :D

Hehe Luke says thanks! We won't tell him I was technically supposed to be getting a blue merle puppy and somehow came home with him instead! Some day I'll have one...just later than planned lol.


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