I didn't take a lot of puppy pictures, but I put this together to show how a RHT color changes. Do you have pics of your adult dog and their baby pictures to compare? And yes I let her get a little chubby. She is at a nice slim weight today. (we'll see about tomorrow)

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Here you go!  Eight weeks old under the croton to 2 1/2 yrs at Christmas.  The little pink dots on his nose are gone and he's a bit more red.  I wish I had taken more nub pictures as the color has changed three times!

Poopdeck is a handsome lad. I think it is interesting that some corgum like Emma and Waffle lose the black by their nose and others like Poopers don't. How fun to watch them grow and change!

This thread could not get any better unless I put Coco and Dinos pictures up  This one makes me us smile. Both Coco and Dino lost most of the black around the nose when they were about 1 or 1 ½ years old

The day we brought Mishka home, 11 weeks.

And Mishka the other week at Fort Funston, 22 months (a bit foreshortened - he's not that emaciated-looking).

Great thread!

Does he have white ear tips?  His ears are so cool-looking! =)

Now I know where I have seen you....on the other corgi site. This one is by far the best. The other one tends to fuss and argue about everything. Especially west someone or other. Thank him for me for helping me find this site

LOL yeah that's me.  The other place is a constant battle, but I can't bear to leave the friends I have made over there.  That and I'm one of the only two remaining mods over there.  I like to think I'm the nicer one. >=P

He does have white ear tips!  I didn't even know it was unusual until people started asking me about it.  Apparently it runs on one side of his family tree.

Love looking at the before & afters:))) my guys still only in his 7th month but he sure has changed allot...

Here is meeko at about 4 weeks,10 weeks and then him at 1 year














8 weeks old

almost seven months


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