Ollie has recently begun digging... both a bit of the carpet (just by the door as if he's trying to escape) and at the dog park, where he'll dig under the mulching and seemingly eat at the dirt. He doesn't do it when I'm there, just while I'm gone or a few yards away at the park.

Any advice on curbing this??

Thanks in advance from Ollie the digger's mom!

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Mine often try to "dig" on my bed - cracks me up.


I would say teaching Leave It.

thanks for the articles!


the hard part is that he only does it when i'm not there (with the carpet) or a bit away! he knows 'knock it off,' 'leave it' & 'drop it' and listens right away when i'm giving him the command. he's just a little bugger about it when i'm not there


*sigh* smart dogs and their constant antics..


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