I was wondering if anyone has trained there Corgi to ring a bell to go outside? I started to train Stoli this way today and would love some pointers.

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Emmy is 10 weeks old and really getting the hang of potty training. She has only had a few accidents in the 3 weeks I've had her, and we've gone almost a week and a half without any accidents. She absolutely knows she cannot potty in the house. She will sit and wait by the door and whine and look at me until I let her out. But she doesn't understand that she needs to pee outside too. Well let's hope she realizes that now and that's why there are no accidents. I've had bells by the door since day 1 and we ring them every time we walk outside for her to do her business, but she doesn't really have the hang of it. I do take her out a lot though so maybe I am not giving her time to realize she has to go to the bathroom. She never really seems interested in the bells though. I haven't tried giving her treats to go outside because of posts that I read that say they will just ring the bell to get a treat. Is there anything else I could do to help her realize what the bells are for?
When I trained Rosie and Rocky to use the bells, I took their heads in my hands and GENTLY hit the bells with their nose and said Potty and took them outside on a leash. There was no playing, just sniffing to potty then a treat. Worked in just a day or so. I finally had to take the bells down since Rocky decided to ring them to go out to play in the winter when the dog door is closed!! He was driving us nuts! I really should put some outside since he never barks to come in and if Rosie isn't out there to bark for him, he would stay out in the cold all day if we didn't check on him. He never barks to go out or come in, she is his voice at those times. I wonder if his nose would freeze to the cold bells in the cold Iowa winters? Most likely would!

She is very young give her time.


Emmy is 12 weeks now. Well we still ring the bell every time we go out for the past 4 weeks. When she gets up in the morning I carry her down the stairs and she will either walk to her water bowl or ring her bell while I get her leash. However, she still just barks or looks at me instead of ringing her bell if she needs to go out during the day. She hasn't had very many accidents. One day she got very frustrated because we weren't letting her out that she peed on the carpet. I could tell tha


t she was very upset about it though. I wish I could help her realize that she can get my attention with the bells. She has only walked up to the bell on her own about twice and I took her outside immidiately. We also did training when she got treats every time she rang the bell and I would open the door for her every time, but she isn't getting the hang of it yet. I am hoping she picks it up soon.

Aside from a few excited piddles (a few drops), Emmy has been accident-free for 2 weeks now.

We used this on Jayden and it works really great!  Sure occasionally she will ring it and we'll get outside and she won't go but overall I am thankful to have trained her this way.  We trained her with it by having her ring it with her paw/nose before bringing her out each time and eventually she just picked it up.  We would reward her when she did it right as well.  Now this isn't to say she doesn't have an accident every so often (she's still young, 7 months) so it's to be expected but sometimes we think it may be because she rang and we didn't hear it in time!
Hi Hannah!  Quincy is bell trained.  I have a small cow bell hanging on a string on my slider.  Hang it low enough so your puppy can hit the bell with it's nose or paw.  What I did with Quincy was when he was a puppy and I would take him outside I would say outside go potty, ring the bell and then go yeah good boy like it was a party on our way out to the yard.  we would go outside and he would go potty and get a treat.  He is 7 now and he still uses it at times.  Most of the time he will just stand in front of the door to go out.  If I don't let him out right away he will hit the bell softly with his nose.  If I still don't respond to the bell he will shove the bell with his nose so the whole house hears. Because Quincy has this uncanny knack of shoving the bell in the morning when I am in the bathroom I have also taught him "in a minute" so he know I will be right there.  I trained him this way because the house we were in when he was a puppy was 3 floors that way I could hear the bell if he really needed to go out rather than have him have an accident because I was on another floor and didn't see him at the door.  Hope this helps :)


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