Well Bentley my rescue I have had for about 2 1/2 months now has been itching like crazy for about 1 1/2 now & is poping up with hot spots...... He has a fungal skin infection which seems to be clearing up with the meds & shampoo that the vet gave me. He goes back Wednesday for his second round of heartworm treatment & I am going to ask about the itching & chewing (hot spots) to see maybe if its an allergy, but in the mean time I want to make him comfortable. Has anyone giving benadryl to there dogs to help with itching? I just want to use it until Wednesday when we go to the vet.

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Only if it is really allergy related, always read the side effects and consult with your vet. You'll need to administer the right dosage according to his weight. NO RED TABS.
Thanks Sam, Im not sure if it is allergy related it just popped up about 2 weeks ago so who knows, I am going to have an allergy test done on him Wednesday to see what is going on with him......sorry about my ignorance but what is RED TABS?
I think what Sam it talking about is the red dye... any tablets that are red in color have red dye... even some that are not red in color have it so always read the label.
Thanks Judi and Jane! You are both correct, avoid the Red Dye ones and other combo ones with decongestant / sinus plus...etc. Look for the no dye ones or clear liquid gel caps, I think they just renewed their packaging, so read the labels :) Get well soon!
Hi Christine and Bentley,

I can't answer for Sam but I am thinking that the red tabs are mixed with something extra(maybe a decongestant?) I give my dogs the Benadryl,dye free allergy ligui gels (1)...if that helps. I use this very seldom but it does help! Good luck...poor boy!


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