Well, as much as I LOVE corgis I don't think our second dog (if we ever get another one) will be a corgi due to such an immense amount of work put into the breed. I was wondering, if our family does consider bringing in another dog, what breed would best be compatible with a corgi? I was really looking for a breed that loves people, other animals, cuddling, relaxing, easy to train, does not bark that much, not a very protective dog (since I have Napolean for  that), and they do not shed (low allergy level). I've been looking into the bichon frise breed...does any one have experience with both breeds?? I'd love any other suggestions for another breed (I'd love if the dog was small or medium size too, unless people have had better experiences with a larger dog matched with a corgi) too. Thanks ahead of time!

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There are no perfect dogs and no perfect pups. They become "our" perfect dog when we love them and can't imagine living without them. Then we forgive their faults as they overlook ours.

It depends on your Corgi.  Maddie would be ok with a small dog, but Jack is a little too rough and pushy for a small dog and would do better with something his own size or larger.  

What about a Boston Terrier?

Hm...I'm not sure. I was looking also for a kind of fluffy pup since Napolean isn't very fluffy (around the whole body) :P

I'm glad you could share; the suggestions are great ;) Pomeranians are a good breed...isn't it pretty hard to maintain their coat though? Nice to hear you had a good experience growing up with one. What do you think of a bichon? The only minus for them would be barking since I've read they can be quite chatty. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are great companions too (not super lazy but they are lap dogs) but a minus is they shed a good amount...ugh! Choosing the right breed is so hard, and don't get me started on choosing THE dog. You could find the perfect breed but not the perfect dog (something about their personality just isn't right or their markings are a bit off) xP

I'd be very careful of a Cavalier; they are loaded with severe health problems.  Lovely sweet dogs too.  It's a shame.    Poms are sweeet and smart and tend to think they are big man on campus.  :-)  

We found a stray, late one night in the pouring rain.  He barked and barked in the x-pen.  It was a work night, and desperate for some sleep, my husband went down and slept with him on the couch.

In the few hours he was loose, he marked EVERYTHING, including the dogs' bowls and every corner and chair leg in the house.  :-)    Little stinker.  He was a cutey and very sweet and affectionate, but definitely an "on histoes" kind of dog. 

Yes. I've looked the breed up and they do have a lot of healthy problems; it is unfortunate since they are so sweet :( Haha, yea.

That's good to know :) Yes, I have looked into the maltese too...it's just with a lot of smaller dogs (poms, maltese, yorkie, and even miniature poodle) I'm afraid of the "small dog" syndrome. A lot of the smaller breeds tend to naturally have a "I'm above everyone" sort of attitude, which can lead to aggression, fear, etc. I think it's such a huge change from the nature of a corgi which is the drive to please and get the job done...it's so hard! I hate judging a dog by the breed but the nature of the breed also effects the personality of a dog...xP it's really hard to choose!

I think the bichon is great except for barking and the LOADS of grooming >./p>

I totally agree. I've also noticed a lot of small dog owners don't bother much with housetraining and just use pee pads or something. I guess because they're little and it's easy to clean up after them? I don't get it. 

Yes, that's very much true. Nothing is ever the dog's fault, it is always the human's. Okay, that is good to know you can train smaller pups to act like any other pup. I always hated seeing people carrying around their small dogs in bags or in stupid baby carts! Carts are for a baby, period. Leashes are for dogs, period.

With patience and work anything can be taught to a dog...thanks so much for the info! I think I might look more into mix breeds...a lot are terriers...Haha, anyone have experience with a terrier or terrier mix :P?

I'd stick to one dog....

I've had Napolean for about 5 years and he's great ;) I just think bringing in another dog would be another challenge for me in training, plus it might improve Napolean's social skills. I love dogs and two seems better than one :P (in my opinion)


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