Well, as much as I LOVE corgis I don't think our second dog (if we ever get another one) will be a corgi due to such an immense amount of work put into the breed. I was wondering, if our family does consider bringing in another dog, what breed would best be compatible with a corgi? I was really looking for a breed that loves people, other animals, cuddling, relaxing, easy to train, does not bark that much, not a very protective dog (since I have Napolean for  that), and they do not shed (low allergy level). I've been looking into the bichon frise breed...does any one have experience with both breeds?? I'd love any other suggestions for another breed (I'd love if the dog was small or medium size too, unless people have had better experiences with a larger dog matched with a corgi) too. Thanks ahead of time!

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How about a Collie or a Basenji? Another recommendation: http://www.eukanuba.com/en-US/dog-breed-selector.jspx

That could help you find an ideal breed!

Thank you :D I will look into the website.

LOL. WBO (Way Before Oliver)...I plugged in my wants on the Eukanuba site...top two matches at 98% and 95% respectively? Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan  Welsh Corgi.

Haha! It was meant to be :D

Lol,Corgeek :)!We were away from the corgi breed for 15 years,so I took that test as well.After getting the same score,like You,We went back to corgis.They are almost 3 (7/11) and almost 4 (10/07).Love having two!One is the lovey flop dog (Merlin) and diva alph (Keri).

I had a Basenji. I do NOT recommend them to anyone who wants a dog easily trained. Sighthounds are notoriously stubborn, and/or with selective hearing. They aren't dumb, far from it. They're just really not biddable, eager-to-please dogs like the Herders tend to be.

Basenjis are also quite catlike in their behavior regarding cuddles - you could luck out and get one that like to be pet, but many are aloof and keep to themselves. Paha (my Basenji) was a huge fan of cuddles. But there were many Bs we hung out with that were incredibly independent.

Just went through the site.   The first time it gave me bull terrier.  There's NO because we have cats.  Problem is, with the "other pets in household" option it only let you select one and I have both a dog and a cat so that didn't help.

Other problem is it didn't ask size preference!  It gave me Chessies, Belgian Shepherds, and a few others that are too big for my needs.  

Go on youtube and search Dogs 101. Tons of information on a lot of breeds.
I can't tell you what to get but don't get a coonhound lol, wonderful temperament, they love people, but love to pretend to be dumb as bricks and need a ton patients when training lol. I love my Pilot, but boy does he test my patients some days haha!
Best of luck!

Haha, thanks! I have such little patience xP

I would suggest a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel...very easy to please and quiet dogs...here is a small YT vid


Yes :P I was interested in the breed too but just through this discussion I have found they have several health problems. The only way to guarantee a healthy puppy is to get one from a breeder and in my case I really want to adopt. Thanks for the suggestion though :D

I really highly recommend getting this book:


Unlike most of the breed selector sites, it tells you about health issues and potential problems with the breed.  Basically, it gives 10 attributes for each breed, from exercise requirements to size to grooming.   You decide beforehand which attributes are most important to you, and then you go in and come up with a number for each breed.  

That book is how we found Corgis.  Not a single "breed selector" website I ever used came up with Corgis as a possible choice, yet this book had them come up as 9.5 out of 10 for us--- just about perfect, and if Corgis were a few pounds heavier on average they would have ranked 10 of 10.  

So I do recommend the book over the breed selector websites, because you can sort of make value judgements while going through it like "This breed sounds perfect except for grooming, so maybe the grooming thing isn't as important to me as I thought" and then you have time to consider it, rather than have a selector eliminate a breed behind the scenes and you never know why.


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