we have been having a stressful time getting ready for my husband to return from deployment, and me getting ready to deploy myself in march. we have recently purchased a puppy from a very nice woman named Beth Carter out of zanesville, ohio. she has been so helpful and understanding, and truly cares about her puppies more than any other breeder I have talked to.  so if you are looking for a wonderful puppy from a wonderful family. she is defiantly worth a look! She is a small breeder, no website. but if you are interested in talking with her, and possibly getting one of her amazing dogs send me a message and i will happily give you her email!!!!

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   Does she still have puppies now ? I am looking for a male. You are more than welcome to give her my email.


she dosnt have puppies right now. but i think she will come spring.  her email is corgilady3@yahoo.com

That email account has been deactivated
I've been looking for another Corgi & I live in Ohio. I
Can you put me in contact with please?
Theres another wonderful breeder in Ohio and her name is Wendy wentworth. I am friends with her and shes a very respected breeder
Thanks for the info. Is there a website or email?


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