So who has a favorite artist that's really captured corgi behavior and spirit?  I really like Karen Howell....she has one scene of corgis inserted in the Van Gogh "starry night" that's pretty great.

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Evie Anderson.

Love, love her work. I have one of her originals and I just bought 2 of her prints.

love the art work, the feed me now print, cracks me up, that is sooo fitting.  :) 

Christian Slade; he wrote Korgi and Korgi 2. Oh, I see the third book is out!


Korgi book 2

Korgi book 3

I like Vanessa Keys, very bright and colorful.

the links are great.  Do you guys know  There's an entire store of pembroke corgi art.  Great stuff.

I don't know if you consider photos "art" but I have refrigerater magnets, key chains and cell phone charms made from pictures of my dogs. I have a friend who does them, she has a website at I also have a charm bracelet with pictures of my kids and hubby as well as the dogs, it is a fun icebreaker. I can't imagine anything neater for a grandmother! (some day)

A friend gave me a needlepoint portrait of a red and white corgi that looks amazingly like one of my boys.  I think corgi art can take a lot of different forms, don't you?  And photos are always some of the best.


By the way, what's a cell phone charm?  Pardon my ignorance!

I would love to see a picture of the needlepoint! here's a link to a cell phone charm:  I have one on my camera.

I'll try to post a picture of it. And the charms are really cute. I'm thinking it might work on a saddle too!


 As I've been looking at other suggestions, it seems to me that there's maybe two types of corgi art:  the type that captures the comical side of corgis(the short legs, fat little body, bunny butt, etc.) and the type that goes for their intelligent, foxy expression. Can't say which I like best.  the comical side ALWAYS makes me smile but sometimes I see a great watercolor portrait  or a drawing of a typical pose and it sort of tugs at my heart. Know what I mean?

OMIGOSH! We forgot Tasha Tudor!  Don't you love her Corgiville Christmas? I learned about her first as a gardener but she drew and wrote about corgis a lot. She probably loved them better than she did her family!


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