so ive been doing a lot of reading and researching on wat would be the best food to feed miko and while he's on wellness core reduced fat right now, im thinking of switching him to the honest kitchen- keen. i'm not sure whether anyone have tried that before but it seems like it could be better than the kibbles im feeding him right now...


on a side note, ive noticed that miko has been rather aggressive towards other dogs lately.. n after reading up on it .. im guessing its from the fact that he's been bitten a few times by neighbor dogs.. i remember how he would be really friendly towards other dogs but now he would growl at them when they get close.. i think he's trying to defend for himself now.. i try to take him to doggy day care at petsmart and try to socialize him with other dogs.. hopefully this would work..


wondering whether anyone has this issue with their corgis before?

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i feed psykhe canine caviar...its a holistic dog food...she loves it!! seems to agree well with her tummy and appearance, too!
hmm ok leme look into this brand.. thanks
Jordan and Teagen go to daycare and love it =) It really does help keep them social since I'm not a dog park person this is a big help. I feed mine blue buffalo but I think that's a grade or two below wellness =)
miko would just wonder around by himself at a dog park.. like a loner!!! he wont really run or chase like the other dogs do =( so day care is better i think.. small space so he's kinda forced to interact with other pals
Yeah, THK! I feed Waffle a mix between THK-Force and a kibble called Legacy right now. When my stock of Legacy runs out, I'm switching to Wellness Core. THK is one of the best foods out there, in my opinion. He gets 1/2 cup of kibble and 1/2 cup of THK (mixed with 1 cup of water) twice a day, and gets garlic, Prozyme dietary enhancer, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and fish oil mixed in. Sometimes I give him chicken or strawberries mixed into his food too, or anything else that I know isn't toxic and he might like as a change of pace.

As for the aggressiveness, I took Waffle to visit my friend's golden retriever, Buddy. Buddy is an ANGEL, but all he wanted to do was hump Waffle. Waffle retaliated by snapping right next to Buddy's face. Now, with every big dog, he's sure to snap in their face. :\ I'm hoping he stops... he still gets along really well, just sometimes he'll turn around and snap! No one's been bitten yet, and it doesn't seem like he's aiming to make contact, so I'm not worried. He only does it when a big dog's head gets too close to his.
so feeding him only thk isnt enough you think? yeah, miko gets some fruits and veggies throughout the day when i know theyre not harmful to him.. n those big eyes.. lol. just hard to resist not feeding him some =) but its all healthy.. fresh veggies and fruits! and tofu even sometimes..

yea miko snaps but havnt bitten yet.. but im scared.. just the what if, you know? and i know other owners don't like it when hes snapping at their dogs either.. so i just try to not let him close to other dogs now.. unless its at day camp.. then he gets sprayed inthe face if he does that with a water bottle lol..
I'm using kibble to make the THK last longer, really. It's expensive and I'm a nearly jobless college student! The supplements are just to make him extra super healthy. The fruits/meat/whatever add-ins I do are just to add variety to his diet. :3

I view the snapping as a "Get away from me! Look how tough I am! I'm serious!" warning type thing. "DON'T do that again, or else!" Waffle must have snapped at Buddy over 50 times that day; I don't think he had any intention of harming Buddy at all, even if it persisted for days. I don't think it's good to punish him for snapping unless he makes purposeful contact. Otherwise, it's like punishing him for telling the other dog that its violating his personal space.
We feed Buddy Verus. I believe it is also a holistic food and our corgi looks great! He's 7months and gets about 2/3cup twice a day.
I am really happy feeding Gibson Wellness Core Reduced Fat.. Any particular reason you are thinking of switching? Just curious! :)
well i read up on the honest kitchen and seems like maybe even better than core reduced fat because its more natural? they dont have to make their foods into kibbles? thats just my opinion.. seems like the next best thing to making your own food... what do you think?
\My two are on and LOVE Taste of the Wild


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