Hi everyone! Tommy LOVES playing outside, pushing and chasing balls around ... however, I haven't been able to find anything that can withstand his punishment.  Soccer balls are a complete waste of money because he has them deflated or ripped apart in no time.  His basketball has held up the best but he plays so hard that it causes the brim of his nose to bleed from pushing it around so vigorously! Does anyone have any suggestions for a type/brand of ball that can withstand a corgi and yet not be so hard on the nose? Thanks so much! 

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Jolly balls are the best! My dogs LOVE them and they last for years, they have some with ropes and handles, those are my dogs favorites.

Thanks, Heather! I just ordered two of them! :)

hahaha this is AWESOME.  Thanks, John!!! :)

Love the videos! Bogart is a cutie!! ... I've actually never seen a handball anywhere for sale! Or else I didn't know what I was looking at! 

Ginny LOVES her Jolly Ball.  She's popped a few soccer balls, but the Jolly Ball has held up, and it has a handle so she can cart it around the yard, but she can still boop it with her nose.

Awesome, thank you! :) I ordered two jolly balls last night!

Jolly Balls are LOTS of fun. However, they are not indestructible. Lilliput slowly dismantles hers over several months to a year. Because of the tube thru the middle where the rope fit, the ball holds its (semi)spherical shape as it loses most of its mass. Luckily my girl does not swallow the pieces of the ball, just rips them apart slowly. They remain wonderful balls for her to toss and chase and push and bark at.

We have had a couple of the ones with the ropes too! :) tommy loses interest after the rope comes out though and won't play with them anymore!

After going through 10 cheap Walmart balls, which were great for herding around the yard, but could be popped in a nano second, we tried a basket ball.  After removing a little bit of air out of the ball Wilson could successfully herd it around the yard.  We also got him a jolly ball which he likes a lot.  It's smooth on the outside so it might help with the nose problem you were having with Tommy. I saw someone else mention one in a post below, but this is the link to the one we got:   http://www.amazon.com/Jolly-Pets-Bounce-n-Play-Blueberry-Scented/dp...

Hi Joyce! A basketball is the only thing, to this day, that he will play with out in the yard! I bought a more expensive one that held up, and eventually when the tread had warn down, it stopped hurting his little nose.  I say "hurting" but no nose injuries every slowed him down haha.

Tom too has the blueberry jolly ball and has never, ever, showed any interest in it! He literally acts like it doesn't exist and he refuses to recognize it! It makes no sense to me! It seems like a lovely ball to me!! :)


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