Bingley doesn't like to be taken on walks anymore.  While on leash, he pulls back, jumps and struggles to slip his collar, and finally just gives up and sits/lays down on the ground.


If we are on my street, he pulls very hard to get back to the house.  Once he slipped his collar and took off for home and went right up the driveway to the front door.  


However, if we are walking with other people and their dogs, he isn't too bad.  He'll keep up but he will still pull back and lay down.  He is nearly 2 years old, plays well with other dogs especially off leash at our local dog park.  On leash, he's a mess. 


Help :(

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My Lilliput is actually scared of her leash. She so badly wants to come out the door with us, but just can't bring herself to approach me when I'm holding a leash. Once it's on she's fine and happy, unless she notices the shadow of it falling across her. She responds to verbal commands with quick tugs on the leash.

We go to an off-leash park in the car for most exercise.

No one else can walk her, since everyone who's tried insists on pulling on her leash. She responds to verbal commands with a short, quick tug. Could Bingly have a similar fear?

I don't think Bingley is scared of his leash.  When I approach him with it, he knows we are going out and he gets excited, but sits still while I fasten it.  He pulls as we walk out the door and still as we walk down the driveway.  At this moment, he will try to lead me to my car because he loves car rides. When I pass the car and approach the street, he realizes that I'm trying to get him on a walk.  Then he tries to get back up the driveway to the house.  Thank you for your reply Julia... I always receive a lot of advice on this site. 
Have you tried walking him with a harness ?? maybe the collar bothers his a bit??  odd that he will walk with other dogs fine though.  Sometimes my dog just lays down dog also walks better when he is walking with his buddy spike.

Have you made any progress with him?  It's been almost 1 month since the initial post.


It makes sense that he would be better when walking with other dogs.  He might be feeling a little safer (safety in numbers) or maybe he sees that the other dogs aren't frightened so it helps him feel more comfortable.  Walk him with other dogs when you can and maybe that will help.


Also, try doing a training session with him daily.  If he is food motivated, then try using treats to get him past that driveway and onto the sidewalk or road and then lavish with praises.  You could start small and just do that part over and over, then gradually work up to walking farther.  If he does his sit/lay down while walking, have you tried standing there for awhile?  Maybe if he sits and gets used to the sights and sounds he'll get a bit more comfortable.  If he gets bored of just sitting there and starts exploring you could praise the behavior.

My corgi does this too, but he is only 14 weeks.  He doesn't care for walks unless there are some other dogs up ahead or if we turn around to walk home.. and that's when he will bolt for the house.  I think maybe the best thing to do is start over on walking together.  Maybe the first day only walk past a few houses and then walk back home.. the next day go 1 or 2 more houses further down the street.. and so on.  Be sure to praise Bingley when he is walking in a straight path without stopping or laying down.


Do you walk him on a collar or a harness?  I think harnesses are better for several reasons: 

1. you have better control of the dog 

2. he can't slip out as easily as on a collar

3. he is less likely to choke if you are trying to hold him back


you could also look into training him with a slip collar... but be sure to consult a trainer first!  They usually have a trainer at PetCo or Petsmart who will help with dog training questions.  Good luck!

This is just from my experience but I also thought that harnesses were better as well. I found out that at first the harness did wonders, didnt pull at all, and he is a big puller, over time he figured out that he could pull and since he is such a big puller, the harness did not give me the ability to correct his pulling behavior the proper way. I agree a harness maybe a way to go if your dog is not a big puller and is properly trained how to walk on a regular leash.    It took me a while to realize that the harness was actually preventing me from correcting the bad behaviors. 


Harnesses can come loose as well, if they arent properly adjusted over time, as this actually happened to us!! Thank goodness I noticed the harness was loose and he was literally backing out of it!!! 


Im not trying to talk anyone out of a harness but just wanted to put my experience with them out there. 

My Eskimo dog also used to be a big puller, but I found that the Easy Walk Harness helped to correct that.  You can't rely on the harness alone, as it just repositions the dog so that you can correct the behavior, but for us it worked.  When the dog tries to pull, it turns them around to face you (which mine picked up on *really* quickly). It's also hard for the dog to slip from.


Yuki has since outgrown the harness, but he learned to walk well enough that just using his collar is enough now.  Well, until he sees other doggies he wants to play with.  ;)

A harness won't help you train a bad puller, it just allows your dog to pull in comfort. Your first step needs to be to train him to walk properly on a leash. You may need to try a few different types of collars to find the type that works. I have had great success with a martingale (limited slip) collar. It corrects pulling behavior without choking and your dog can't pull back out of it.


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