Hi, corgi friends! It's been a while since I posted here, but today I have something to share with you all.

I work in a shelter as an adoption counselor in Madison, WI.

Today I met Bingo, and he is a corgi mix, I believe. His face lacks the corgi-ness that I was hoping for, but otherwise ... a real corgi, finally! And a puppy! The "corgis" we usually see are just dogs with short legs and big ears.

But, the story:

Adoptable dogs stay with us until they find a home.There is no time limit.  We usually have fewer dogs than potential adopters, and people often leave here disappointed we have so few dogs. Recently we have been transporting dogs here from overcrowded shelters in the south. This week 35 pups from Alabama arrived, and I was SO excited to see a corgi pup in the list!

Bingo has dental issues. He has a large overbite that is causing his lower baby canines to rub against his upper palate. Ordinarily we do dental work on our dogs who need it, but there's nothing we can do for him right now. Adult teeth will be very painful. He will need braces, or those teeth will all have to be removed. The cost, according to our vets, could be in the thousands of dollars. Again, we can't do it because he has puppy teeth still.

So, if the, there is anyone out there who can take on our little guy, here's his info.

.Dane County Humane Society, www.giveshelter.org. Bingo's ID #A33935591

Dane County Humane Society
Phone (608) 838-0413


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Wish I could but I can't right now. I would have to have the teeth removed though as I couldn't afford that kind of money.   How many teeth would he have to have removed total? My Teddy(rescue) has about half his teeth and eats fine but I do add water to his dry food and smaller kibbles!!!! Good luck!!!!

Great news for Bingo! His Forever People found him after just a few days in the shelter. They weren't l even looking for a puppy, much less a fur ball like this. They had gone through dental issues with each of the cats they had previously adopted , so Bingo's issues didn't bother them. It was love, and that is usually what drives the adoptions.

Bingo may end up toothless, although I did google images of dogs with braces - weird!

I feel good about this outcome.

Thanks for listening to my worries.


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