UPDATE: Tomahawk's swelling and bleeding has stopped and he is acting and feeling great! I'm taking him tomorrow to get his sutures removed, though I believe it's already fully healed. Thanks everyone for your concern and advice, I don't know what I would do with half of the worries Tomahawk puts me through if I didn't have MyCorgi!

I had Tomahawk neutered this past Friday and everything seemed ok until Sunday night. He started spotting pretty much anytime he moved. I took him to the vet yesterday so they can check on him and they said that he was probably bleeding from being too active, and gave me antibiotics and sedatives to help him stay still. Well, he is still bleeding and it seems like he is bleeding more and more. He woke up with blood caked to his pants. I have to take him back today to see if maybe he ruptured a suture. I'm really freaking out, and keep coming up with horrible thoughts like internal bleeding and losing my pup.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue before? How can I stop him from bleeding until I can get to the vet later on today? I'm such a worry wort and I keep thinking the worst.

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If it were me, I'd take him to the vet now and not wait for a later appointment. If you are in the office with a bloody dog, they will have to take you in!!

Please let us know what happens. I have seen dogs come in for bleeding after a suture because a blood vessel wasn't tied off properly. I've never seen a dog bleed to death from this, but it can be a pain and they should try to find the source of the bleeding. Has he been active since his neuter? The first 3-5 days are the most important to keep him quiet and allow for proper healing. It may also be worth looking into a bleeding disorder if they can't find the source. Corgis are known carriers of VWd (a clotting disorder) and its often not discovered until they are either injured or have surgery performed. He may be bleeding due to a clotting disorder, is there any major bruising or swelling along with the bleeding?

I came back from the vet and they stated that everything seems ok to them. They stated that it isn't bleeding but drainage coming from the dissoluble sutures they used to tie him up from the inside. His scrotum is red and swollen like it was the first day back from his neutering. They told me as long as it doesn't get any bigger and that no pus or other discharge comes out, he should be fine. I was worried about a clotting disorder as well, but they said it happens frequently and shouldn't be a concern. I just don't know what to think, he is eating and using the restroom just like normal and is just as spirited as he was before.  How would I look into seeing whether he has a clotting disorder? Is it expensive? Would he have had clotting issues from a bite as well? I'm very frazzled right now.

I try to keep him on leash when I take him to use the restroom but he still manages to jump about and bite at his leash, I know he must be pent up by being cooped up all day. The first day he did manage to jump up and down the couch a few times when I wasn't looking, but since then I have kept a mindful watch.

They want me to go back Friday for another check to see if everything is still ok.

Here is a picture of what he looks like right now, it's gross and kind of bloody but since you are knowledgeable about this sort of thing maybe you can kind of give me an opinion on whether I should be concerned and look into possibly taking him somewhere else. I don't have the funds at the moment, but if it means losing my dog, I don't mind not eating for a while lol!


From looking at the pics, it also seems to me, that it is blood and not drainage, I don't think drainage is red is it ?

eeep! That does not look normal to me! That looks incredibly painful and inflamed/infected.  It also looks like there may be bruising around his penis (or is that just shadowing?). A clotting disorder you would usually see with any type of injury where bleeding may occur, but this doesn't look like a "normal" neuter site. Poor guy :-(  Are there different vets at your current hospital? I'd be inclined to maybe ask to see somebody else? Kirby was a total maniac after his neuter and the swelling and incision site was almost fully healed in less than a week, the fact that its been 4 days and it still looks like this would have me worried as well. Please keep us posted.

It doesn't look normal to me either! My cocker Ari was six years old and epileptic and he had no issues whatsoever when he was neutered. My boyfriend's sister said that when her dog Pancho was neutered not that long ago, his scrotum was black and red but that after a few days it went back to normal. She stated he bled too but it was because he opened one of his sutures. He bled for like a day, not four! I was asking about biting since Doja the pit had bit him when he was a wee little pup and left him with 3 puncture wounds on his head, but he didn't bleed excessively. He hasn't shown any type of excessive bleeding before and he has gotten himself hurt a couple of times now from being crazy, so I don't think he has a clotting disorder.

The vet I am going to seems to be a respectable place, and they have been nothing but nice with my constant calling and badgering. He was neutered under a low income program since I'm not working right now. If I knew that this would happen, I would have left his little balls be. Two different vets at the clinic have said the same thing to me, that it is drainage and is fairly common when a dog is neutered. Don't know what that says about them because I have never ever seen this before.  He seems to have stopped bleeding right now, and he has been trying to play with Doja and has been running around the room so he seems like his normal self.

I always thought that neutering and spaying was just routine with little risk of complications, and now I feel like I will never fix another animal ever again. Of course that will probably change once Tom gets better but jeez, I feel sorry for his balls. The good thing is that he hasn't tried biting or licking at them so I guess it looks uglier than it feels. I will continue to update you  guys on his progress, hopefully it will be clear sailing from here on out!

Yikes!  I would expect drainage to be brownish or rusty, not bright red.  IF he were a mature adult male who went in for surgery and looked like that I might be inclined to defer to your vet, but honestly younger dogs usually don't have much there to remove.   When Jack was neutered I was hard-pressed to even find a scrotum at all, and the neuter site was perfectly clean.   He was not on heavy restriction and he bounced around a lot and there was no redness, no swelling, and no leaking. 

I really think if it were my dog I'd want a second opinion on that.  Did you get him from a breeder who tests for vWB?  Because the figure I saw is something like 30% of Corgis are carriers so if the breeder does not test, getting a dog with vWB is very very easy.  It's supposedly a mild version in Corgis, not likely to cause a full-scale bleed-out, but it might explain the problem.   With the size of his scrotum if he's a puppy I'd be concerned there's bleeding inside the sac; if he's an adult that's a normal size.

I think he is bleeding from his sac, that's why it's all gross. I believe that's where the "drainage" is coming from. They told me something about the sutures they used possibly allowing some of the blood inside his scrotum being leaked out. They told me to do a cold compress for 5 minutes a couple of times a day to help constrict and ease the bleeding. I tried but Tomahawk won't let me near him with the bag of frozen peas. I don't blame him lol. I want to take him somewhere else, it's just the finances right now. What little I have saved up for my move to Houston has shrunk to take care of Tomahawk. My boyfriend doesn't help me out so I'm wary about having to use it all up and not being able to leave. If worse comes to worse, I will use all that I have to save me dog, I can't bear to lose him like I lost my Ari :(.

If he keeps on bleeding tomorrow, I will just have to take him to the vet down the street and get a second opinion.

I agree with Melissa on this. It's hard to really tell from the picture, but that looks more like fresh blood than drainage to me. It's a fairly simple test to see if they have a clotting disorder. I'd be tempted to visit an emergency vet or another vet to get a second opinion. From what you are saying, it seems like the vet you are using isn't taking this very seriously.

He does look sore and swollen but I have seen where the blood mixes with the drainage and it may look more bloody than it really is. Just a thought. I keep an eye on it but give it a couple days if it doesn't look worse.

Ack, oh no. :( I am afraid I have zero experience with such an issue so I will just tell you to hang in there and provide moral support!! Get better Tomahawk!

If this vet clinic considers this 'normal' or 'common' after a neuter, I would not use them again. Never in my 13 years of working for vets would this have been considered normal. Some swelling is to be expected, especially if the dog is allowed to run, but drainage to this extent is far from normal. Brodie chewed every one of his sutures out and had to have staples and still didn't have swelling or irritation like this. And he had NO discharge at all.


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