UPDATE: Tomahawk's swelling and bleeding has stopped and he is acting and feeling great! I'm taking him tomorrow to get his sutures removed, though I believe it's already fully healed. Thanks everyone for your concern and advice, I don't know what I would do with half of the worries Tomahawk puts me through if I didn't have MyCorgi!

I had Tomahawk neutered this past Friday and everything seemed ok until Sunday night. He started spotting pretty much anytime he moved. I took him to the vet yesterday so they can check on him and they said that he was probably bleeding from being too active, and gave me antibiotics and sedatives to help him stay still. Well, he is still bleeding and it seems like he is bleeding more and more. He woke up with blood caked to his pants. I have to take him back today to see if maybe he ruptured a suture. I'm really freaking out, and keep coming up with horrible thoughts like internal bleeding and losing my pup.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue before? How can I stop him from bleeding until I can get to the vet later on today? I'm such a worry wort and I keep thinking the worst.

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Hi Sonya, It looked like Tomahawk's been licking his wound raw, put the cone back on him immediately, finish the antiboitics. He'll be okay, no worries.


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