Sophies newest thing is:  She sticks her entire mussle in her water bowl and blows bubbles with her nose.  Its so funny to watch but she makes a mess with all the water.  Any one elses Corgi do this??

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Bento does this too with his water bowl!  He will also stick his nose in rain puddles or the water from his bath and blow bubbles.  If he's not doing that, he splashes the water with his paw.  In the end, we got him a giant hamster water bottle because he was making a big mess from the water.

Scout's water bowl is too small.  She prefers snorkeling in natural bodies of water... lakes, creeks, ponds, etc.

I had a dog that did this, it's really funny.  You have a smart, playful, inquisitive pup who probably has more tricks up her sleeve. Enjoy her antics!

Video! Please?

Bugsy will dig with his paws. In his wading pool he will stick his muzzle in and bark. right now he is sticking his head in the soft spring snow up to his neck like an ostrich. It's hilarious!

We would like to see that. Dino would try that if he saw someone else do it. Coco used to put her left paw in the water dish to cool down. Never the right just the left

Napolean does it but on command :P I taught him this action as a trick; otherwise he won't do anything but just drink the water, which is fine with me ;)!


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